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March 28th 2016
Published: March 28th 2016
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Leaning backwards, Chris slowly walked himself over the edge of the cliff. P could barely look over the ledge. Finding his footing and feeling confident, he took a few more steps backwards and began his descent. Then came the water - a tap operated waterfall sending litres of water per minute over the cliff. Chris immediately lost his footing as the rock became slippery and swung outwards and th... Read Full Entry

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29th March 2016
Still alive

What an awesome shot!
Glad your paraglider guy encouraged you to take it :)
29th March 2016

The case of the beheaded goat
I remember our discussion about the goat's head you found on the trail...that seems like so long ago! How are you guys going to settle into a 9-5 routine after this life of thrilling adventure you have had?? ;) I love the look of Burichara, it's so charming.
6th April 2016

Re: The case of...
Yeh we loved Burichara, such a quaint village. So quaint in fact, we didn't want our pictures to be 'ruined' by having vehicles in it. We have no idea how we are going to slot back into everyday life again after being such a long time away from home. Although we have already started looking at jobs, in a hope to make the transition easier.
29th March 2016
Take off

Nice pic
We tried paragliding once and we enjoyed it a lot. Nice to see the pictures you took from your adventure. /Ake
6th April 2016
Take off

Re: Nice pic
Thank you Ake. Chris really enjoyed paragliding whereas P not so much. It was the fast sideways turns that had her feeling a little nauseous at points.
31st March 2016
Am I really flying?

Go for it!
How fabulous that you challenged yourselves and succeeded! Amazing adventures that many of us oldsters in the TB community might have done in our youth (and now miss) and are now enjoying it through you! I used to love jumping off high places into small bodies of water--no more. Pretty funny that big smile on P's face after the paraglide even though she says she may not do it again--now, I have to do it there! Also love that visit to charming Burichara. I can imagine lingering in beautiful San Gil for a bit.
6th April 2016
Am I really flying?

Re: Go for it
For adventure seekers like us, jumping into small bodies of water was probably one of our biggest challenges. Thankfully we did do the jump and it felt so exhilarating doing so. Paragliding was amazing...we'll for Chris anyway. The views of the area were amazing. San Gil and Burichara are definitely recommended, such a relaxed vibe to them.
3rd April 2016

Adrenalin fix
Your blogs have become a guide to Columbia. You are doing many things that the average travel blogger doesn't write about. Looks like you had fun facing fear.

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