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January 16th 2018
Published: May 8th 2022
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My travel along the Caribbean Coast eventually led me to Riohacha. Riohacha feels authentic, although that may change soon as more people set their sight on La Guajira. The bus dropped me off before noon and I strolled thru the coastal town streets. Looking for a hostel. I picked up some caramelized coconut and stopped at an internet shop to look for a hostel. I found Hostel Hamacas. The woman running Hostel Hamacas was an Israel woman and her partner, another woman whom I didn't find out her ethnicity. Riohacha is the hub for traveling further into La Guajira. I stayed for a couple of days waiting for a group to join. I had lunch at a local dinner, which consisted of grilled fish or chicken with rice. Or maybe it was pork...I can't recall. At night I would head to the crowded area where there were numerous food vendors. My favorite was the guy that sold organ meat. I went to the beach and bought some fresh fish. It was the freshest fish that I've ever had. Straight from the fishing boat. I made Canh Ca Chua and offered it to my host, but they declined. I can feel their barrier. Some Argentinians showed up, but they were not really sociable towards me. Maybe it was my demeanor. I remember buying large avocados from the market. These avocados were three times the size of the ones back home.

My host told me that there was another person at the hostel, who was going to drive to Cabo de La Vale. She introduced us. We planned the trip, but then he changed his mind. I wasn't disappointed or anything at all. I bought a ride thru the hostel and head out to Cabo de La Vale.

I came back from Cabo de La Vale. Hung out for a couple of days, then took off. The lady running the hostel sent me off with a hug, which I appreciated. I think of her and her curly hair to this day...

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