Tarántula muerta! - Colombia Part 3

Published: November 23rd 2015
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My last blog ended on a Sunday night in the delightful port of Santa Marta, meeting up with our friends Laurie and Carole for drink at sunset in Santa Marta’s one good beach bar. As we celebrated being on holiday with a nice cool beer our thoughts turned to the next five days ahead. When originally planning our trip, Ian and I had discounted the five day trek to the Lost City (La Ciudad Perdida... Read Full Entry

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Crazy hour!Crazy hour!
Crazy hour!

A Colombian tradition apparently, after all the Aguadiente (the local liquor) I'd drunk, this photo about sums up how 'Crazy Hour' was looking like to me...

My last arepas of the trip, luckily on my return to the UK I've discovered a Colombian restaurant within walking distance of my house, they even have my beloved Colombiana drink.

Yet another town rebuilt on higher ground due to the building of a reservoir, they seem to do that a lot in Colombia.
The Salt Mines of NemocónThe Salt Mines of Nemocón
The Salt Mines of Nemocón

I do enjoy a good salt mine, while not as good as the ones in Poland, they were still mucho enjoyable.

And lots of it, oh just look at that lovely cubic array..
Which way is up?Which way is up?
Which way is up?

The reflections in the salt pool mess with your mind.
Los 33Los 33
Los 33

Remember the buried Chilean miners from 2010? They shot some of the film in the Salt Mines of Nemocón
Props of Los 33Props of Los 33
Props of Los 33

Not that big when you get close up, think I'd have got a bit of claustrophobia in that tube
Antonio Banderas woz ereAntonio Banderas woz ere
Antonio Banderas woz ere

Another part of the film set
Our last mealOur last meal
Our last meal

A Colombian meat feast, epic. Washed down with a last radioactive Postobon, adios Colombia.

27th November 2015

Loved your story....good analogy to romancing the stone. I could visualize your muddy trek. After reading your blog (which I've enjoyed greatly) I won't be taking that trek. The cage of death might have done me in. Years ago we took a short trek in Malaysia in the heat and humidity that came to mind after your descriptions. We had a great time but doubt I would sign up to do it a second time. Glad you can look back and enjoy your journey...and indeed that is what is it about. The wedding sounded wild.

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