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July 4th 2009
Published: July 4th 2009
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El Pais De Amor = The Country of Love
I've been a bit lazy so I've got quite a bit of catching up to do.After Medallin I got bus to Monteria ,then to CoveƱas.After a day on the beach ,Carrabian, I went to Cartagena.After booking into my hotel n orgonising to get my washing done the hotel asked if I'd like to do a tour of city that afternoon.I said I'd let them know.I went to my room n 5mins later was bored so went downstairs n booked tour.
At 2pm the bus picked me up and at the next hotel the most gorgeous Colombian lady got on n she sat in the seat in front of me.As she sat down we gave each other a happy smile.At the 1st stop I realised we were the only 2 on our own so we started chatting.Yaneth ,Janet in English.Incredible.We spent the next 2 days inseperable but only kissed.I was happy just to have the company of a beautiful ,inteligent woman.My Spanish has improved enough that we were able to talk about most things.The 2nd day we did tour of the islands.After this tour she had to fly back to Bogata but we orgonised to meet in Panama city in 2 weeks.
Next day I got bus to Barranquilla.This is the birthplace of Shakira and I went there to get a photo of Me with Shakiras statue for Fabiola.She is a big fan.
Then it was off to Taganga ,Santa Martha.As I was arriving I saw the dive office that had been recommended so I booked into the hotel next door n went and booked my dive course.Had the most incredible 10days here.The "Open Water" dive course was only 3 days but I was a bit slow with my study so took 5 days to do my exam then I decided to do my "Advanced Diver" course.Mum had said she would buy me an internal flight for my birthday but was quite happy to make the "Advanced" course my present.THANKS MUM.The Advanced course included a night dive and a dive to 30metres.Both unbelievable.After I finished the courses and all the study I did a couple of fun dives to say bye to everyone.I met many great people during this 10days but 3 I will always remember are Desi ,my instructor, Thjis ,a young Dutch guy who was training to be an instructor , and Abby a gorgeous ,happy young girl from Ohio.Thanks to everyone for sharing this wonderful adventure with me.
When I 1st arrived in Taganga I recieved an e.mail from Yaneth saying that the normaly US$400 airfare to Panama City ,we were going halves, had skyrocketed to US$1200 becouse of the long weekend.We decided that San Gil would be a nice place to meet so off I went.Instead of following the coast this time I went straight down the middle.As we got on the bus 4 armed soldiers got on with us and I wondered why we needed guards.My question was answered in 2hrs when we arrived in a village where everyone was rioting.They had put 20 or 30tyres in the road and set them on fire so we couldn't pass.There were groups of police everywhere ,in black full body armour, shooting tear gas in all directions.Really looked like something out of Star Wars.The police seemed to have control and everyone else on the bus was laughing at the whole thing so I felt safe enough but was happy when the road was cleared n off we went.I spent that night inAguachica then continued on to San Gil.4am the next morning Yaneth arrived n I had the best 3days,4nights that I've had for many many years.If I had the $ and there was any chance of getting her into Australia I would consider the rest of my life with this one.She is so feminine but intelligent aswell.On the monday we travelled to Bucarramanga where I got my Scuba tattoo and Yaneth got her 1st.A butterfly ,me, about to drink the nectre from a rose ,her.She met me in Cartagena a completly innocent 35yo accountant and flew out of Bucarramanga a totally corrupted Angel with her 1st tattoo.Te amo baby y yo recuardo Cartagena ,San Gil y Bucaramanga para todo mi vida.We're hoping she can meet me in Guatamala or Beliz in August.I HOPE SO.
I dropped her at the airport in Bucaramanga then I headed for Turbo ,via Medallin and Monteria.I spent a night there then got in a speed boat up the Darian coast to Carpurgana.The most beautiful layed back little village.I want to spend a few days there before getting on another boat to Puerta Abadia,Panama, so I returned on the boat to Turbo this morning to get some more $.I'm staying here tonight then I'll return tomorrow then a few lazy days then on to Panama.
Well thats me up to date so Chau for now and I'll try to write more frequently


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