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April 15th 2001
Published: June 23rd 2017
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The Good...and the "Not so Good"

First the "Not so Good" story...Really not bad at all so that's why it's just "Not so Good"...

It's Latin America...You might get robbed...or simply at this example the cunt might just try robbing you and gets beat up trying...

I was walking down an Avenida with my Swiss friend and suddenly as I put my hand in my left pocket I am feeling another hand in my pocket...I freaked out for a second and a black guy behind me trying emptying my pockets...My friend immediately reacted and kicked him hard in is nuts...As he lying on the floor trying to pull out his knife...I simply kicked the shit out of him...Suddenly he knew that we are no easy targets...Fagets do look for easy targets and quickly give up on difficult situations...He was running to get out of it...What a laugh!Ok, done with the bad...Let's go over to the Good...Here comes the good...look at the picture and you may understand (sorry for any gals reading it)...Anyhow, that's what happens when an alpha male is hitting up Colombia...Such a wonderful chick is not just easily met in the streets...no there is the need for connections necessary to put me up with her...

My Swiss friend was married to a girl who was in charge for managing a model show inside the Intercontinental hotel in Cali so I got invited to sit in a "hot" seat along with special guests...You guessed right...the girl would naturally thing that you are someone special and it's "worth" to connect to you...Little did she know that I am Mr. Nobody...anyhow...my friend's wife brought her down to me at my request...There did she sit with me and wonders...I was trying with my at that time absolutely terrible Spanish...Well, my Spanish was non-existent...Back at that time I actually did not like Spanish...That's the thing in my brain, if I don't like something I will never learn it...Fas forward...Nowadays I do like Spanish and pick it up fast...Anyway, let's rewind to the situation I am in now...I had an absolute beauty sitting with me and absolutely anyone around me wondered what the heck is she doing with this Gringo???

Anyway, I managed to get my way around with the help of my Swiss friend and we got all the down to do the deeds...Unfortunately I lost contact with her...Because of my absolutely terrible Spanish...she was simply bored trying to talk to me...I can't blame her...I truly love Colombia


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