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July 29th 2018
Published: August 16th 2018
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Here we are, the place I did not visit prior to this amazing trip. I name the Unesco World site of Valparaiso.

Valparaiso has the reputation to be on the rough side, specially either at night, or down by the port all day long. That wouldn't stop us. We organized our little day trip from Santiago. We could have gone to ski, but here it is, skiing is our next stop, and down in Argentina, it's just half the price from the snow next to Santiago...huge difference!

So we first took a very relax day in Santiago. We actually didn't do much else than a very long lunch at Tanta and some window shopping in a serious mall. Yes, that's not traveling you are going to tell me. I could go worst. I'm not a fan of Chilean food, but I love Peruvian food. Chileans are not friends with Peruvians....neither with Argentinians. Allow me to transgress. When it comes to Chile, they can be seriously more efficient than their neighbors...but if we speak food in the region....seafood is for Peru, and meat is for Argentine....and that's it for me! I apologize if you do not's my own opinion!

So we took a relax day in Santiago, and actually didn't see much than a very long walk in Los Condes! Next, it's a 10usd return trip on the bus to Valparaiso. The ride is just short of 2 hours. This is South America....buses are cheap and comfortable, and yes very often, aplenty! Just make sure you plan ahead. This morning, a Sunday, we had few bad surprises. The metro system only open at 8am on a Sunday in Santiago! Oups! and the bus driver did drop us at the wrong bus station, just a good 15 minutes from the expected one...not a good idea to start the day...but a good jog for sure!

I made some homework. As in Eastern Europe, this place has been taking over by the business of the "free tours"! You don't pay for the guide, he hopes few people turn and you tip him nicely if the job is properly done! Today there were only seven of us...I cannot say that we actually "linked" with the others. The guide was interesting and the 3 hours tour was solid and well run. Love the point when at the end, our guide suggesting a 10 usd standard tip per person. Seriously? Told you this is pure business!

We walked a lot...down, up, side ways, took even few funiculars. That was a beautiful sunny day of winter. The plan was to finish the day in Vina del Mar....but after a long lunch, it was clear we would never make it to the more sunny side of Valparaiso before sunset! Lots of walking, lots of pictures. Not that we are in love with the place, but it is still an impressive sight!

Lunch, it's once again Peruvian food. I made my homework and it paid! In Lima, it would be pisco sours, beer and chilclanos...but here, the recipe may be Peruvian, the wine is still a very decent Sauvignon Blanc from Chile. Not going to go here on the different process to do pisco in Chile and Peru...they could go to war for it! Till, I may have come over 5 times to the country, I must still organize my first winery visit. Not sure that the invitation at Casa Lapostolle still hold after all those years!

Next morning, we are heading back to more planes for a while....we are going the local way....well, this is as of yesterday, as they finally seem to have put some sense to new bookings on plane rides in the country! Who doesn't love a little competition when it comes to long distance domestic traveling!

Next entry coming soon...but first, I'm diving tomorrow morning...finally!

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