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February 8th 2015
Published: February 22nd 2015
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There was so much interesting history left to study but I knew soon that I would find myself in a room dedicated to the 1970s, where the explanation of the grim life under Pinochet’s regime would begin. For me it was time to head home at this point. I’d had enough of politics and after reading everything in Spanish, my mind felt like it had been participating in a triathlon, but instead of swimming, cycling and running, reading Spanish, processing Spanish and looking at objects. Besides which I had a whole appartment waiting for me, from which I could sit on my terrace and watch Santiago act as a passage way from all the hikers heading to the mountains and all the families heading to the swimming pool on a beautiful Sunday, whilst I drink ginger beer, look through my binoculars and count condors swooping over the Andes.

This evening went a lot like yesterday evening, the same beautiful views, same wine – Cabernet Sauvignon, cheese, ham and fresh fruit with the addition of ‘selva negra’ a big piece of black forest gateau and the extra annoyance of having to pack in prepration for my flight to Bolivia and leave this wonderful appartment tomorrow. I hope that after I’ve eaten the black forest gateau I don’t get stuck in the doors of the plane tomorrow because I’m so fat. I love all the sweet and sugary stuff here and as I will only ever come to Chile once or twice in my life I will take advantage. Hopefully in years to come I will still be telling anybody around me who will listen, about this wonderful culinary experience I’m having here in Chile.


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