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March 30th 2006
Published: April 2nd 2006
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Today's our last day in South America!

Before we get all teary-eyed we should talk about the great city of Santiago.

We got here on Tuesday, having spent a lovely 6 hours on the bus re-watching the Matrix 2, Miss Congeniality 2 and half of the Aviator. We wandered round the city that evening and then booked ourselves into a Tango dancing lesson at the YMCA! Yep, that's right the Tango!

The lesson was excellent. We didn't quite manage to get to the fiery passionate stuff you see in the movies, but we mastered the basic step which was 8 steps and pretty complicated. And then you do things like 2-1, 4-1, 5-3, 8-3. That's the lingo you see. Anyway I think we were pretty good for just one lesson, and he told us to keep it going in London and New Zealand, so he must have seen some natural talent in there somewhere! Maybe it's because the woman follows the man so I don't need to be able to hear the beat! Afraid there are no photos but some guy was filming it, so if you see a Blockbuster with our pictures on it, it's worth the money to see it!

Oh oh oh, the metro costs 37p for any single journey and 15p for a student!!!! hahahaha

Second day we spent half of it trying to organise our free hotel with LAN Chile and Qantas due to a flight change (it still wasn't organised this morning and we had to go all the way to the airport or book another night in our hostel which was not as nice as the Vicuña one. Chose the airport and now in a four star hotel full board!!). In the afternoon we rode the funicular (train car) and cable car up to the top of a hill, but stopped on the way at the zoo. Eric loved it, his favourites were the brain-bum baboons (see picture). Also saw a zebra having a full blast jimmy riddle (thats cockney apparently), flamingoes bullying each other, a very cool polar bear and some giraffes.

We spent this morning at Santiago airport but managed to get back into town in time to have another wander around the centre and up to a castle ruins/park. Sorry no photos because we forgot our camera but Santiago is lovely, very busy but a fun city!

Finally we want to say thanks to everyone who's stuck by us through exciting and not so exciting entries. We've had a fabulous time- highlights maybe being Machu Picchu, Iguassu Falls, Penguins & Sea lions, Sandboarding, Piranha fishing, Salt lakes, Peruvian homestay, seeing Saturn and of course Rio! And now I'm looking forward to our Campervan in NZ and I'm in my element planning all the delicious dinners I'm going to cook and then eat!

See you in New Zealand!!

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Fighting flamingoesFighting flamingoes
Fighting flamingoes

The one on the left was the grumpy one but was being bullied by the others!

3rd April 2006

Get ready to BUNGEEEEEEE......or at least a skydive (just the best). Hold on tight when you go on the Shotover Jet! Enjoy your trip Ixx
3rd April 2006

Bon voyage!
I saw pics of animals and scrolled the page with trepidation (you know why Eleni ...) But thankfully, there were no unpleasant surprises in store. hehehe .... It was wonderful to share in your South American experiences. Looking forward to NZ. Have a great flight to the land of the kiwis!!! hugs to you and Eric
5th April 2006

Hey Guys
Hey glad to see you've been having a fantastic time, meant to leave a comment earlier but its been quite hectic with leaving Thailand and arriving in Perth, when you in oz? Just started looking for work. Anyway talk soonxx Claire
6th April 2006

ola eric! It turns out I may well be in SE Asia at some point this Summer, so let me know when and where you'll be before I landmine myself.. aiieeeee!
6th April 2006

ola guys, it turns out I may well be in SE Asia this Summer so let me know when you'll be about and i may well let you in on the secret of my hidden beach, where we smell of fish and go to bed at 9!

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