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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia September 23rd 2013

Having trouble getting the time to start the blogs for my trip, so have decided to post photos first and republish with text later as so many people are hanging out to see some pics! So here they are for your perusal. Clicking on each photo will produce a larger image, so I strongly recommend you do this to fully appreciate them!!... read more
Another perspective from Cerro San Cristobal
A closer look
Virgen de la Inmaculada ConcepciĆ³n

Just one and a half hours from Valparaiso, a short bus ride in South American terms, Santiago would be our last stop on the continent. We arrived mid-afternoon and jumped on the metro to our hostel Ventana Sur. We'd emailed a number of hostels prior to booking to see who could offer us the best price for our five night stay. Ivan, the owner of Ventana Sur, swung our decision his way with the offer of a discount and a free bottle of wine. What's more, there was a free BBQ on the night we arrived. So that was free food and drink, the place was already a winner in our book. As the BBQ was due to get started in a few hours we went to the supermarket to get some drinks. We stocked up ... read more
Presidential palace
Axel Rose - GNR tribute
Statue of Virgin Mary, Cerro San Cristobal

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia November 12th 2012

Upon returning to Santiago from Easter Island, we were confronted with one very large cosy bed in our hotel room (there's not many boundaries left between us any more) and very soon were on the pavement heading towards dinner options wanting some thing quick and easy as it was11pm and our day had started at 6.40am. After walking many blocks I look up and there it is - Tiramisu, rated as Santiago's best must eat at pizza kitchen and on Rochelle's list of must dos. We dined on tasty pizza amongst smartly dressed Santiaguans, looking truly like travelers with unbrushed hair, skanky clothes and lots of Easter Island dust. The music - classic 1980s selections yet again. The following day we tackled the hill, San Cristobal to take in the sweeping views of the city, whilst ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia November 10th 2012

COEBBIE!!!!!! Yes that's right! Coebbie was the first one to get gastro through the night after our second day. You clearly don't need the gruesome details. So we spent the whole third day within the confines of our 8 bed dorm. I was still really tired so I didn't mind sleeping and reading for a day. We woke early the next morning with sturdy stools and fresh eyes. We walked to the city to buy a few things then it was time to leave Santiago. We look pretty ridiculous with our packs on. Especially Coebbie who finally has a mat and a sleeping bag attached. Nevertheless we set off to brave the subway and make our way to the bus station. The subway wasn't too hard to work out and luckily there was no midday rush ... read more
Some statue
Bellas Artes
wheelchair vs. cars

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia November 6th 2012

You know when you feel like you're going to throw up; saliva pools on your tongue, your throat forces itself open in preparation and your whole body goes cold even though you're even sweating on your arms. I had this in waves towards the latter end of our plane trip. Every time I looked back at the colour of the toilet vacancy sign it was only ever green when some obstruction was preventing a swift run with hand over mouth. So I rode them out until we landed and threw up finally at Santiago airport. Welcome to Chile! Unfortunately though, while Coebbie and I were gagging another plane or two must have landed and we had to line up for an hour before getting through immigration. Not fun on shaky knees. The rest went pretty smooth ... read more
Un litro de cerveza por favor
Santiago City
On top of Santiago

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia November 5th 2012

Hola Chile! I may have stuffed up the time zones when I set the alarm which caused a flurry and I crashed again but Rochelle not realizing my error got up, got ready and then had hours to spare...... sorry Shell. After a short flight crossing the Andes again -note we both crashed out before take off and spent most of the flight comatose, it seems those late nights are catching up with us - we touched down in Santiago. We spent the afternoon pounding the pavement and took in a great many sights, the first being Bella Vista where the uni is located and the streets are lined with students drinking and eating cheaply to the background of music and grafiti art. We met a gorgeous girl from Easter Island at our lunch spot who ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia May 22nd 2012

We arrive in Santiago 4 hours after we leave Sydney, this is something none of us got over in terms of jetlag for at least a week. The ATM machine in the arrivals hall won't let us take out any more than 50 pesos which we are told is just over 7pounds and every taxi driver in the area soon swarms us offering their services. Being totally dewildered, tired and keen to get anywhere that wasn't there, we followed the one with the most english to his car and headed into town. Our hostel; the Chile (Aji) hostel is in Providencia district near the student area of Bella Vista. Run by locals and with an attached cafe it is one of the best places I have stayed thus far including my Sydney hostel at around 4 ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia February 12th 2012

Hier ein Abriss meiner ersten Woche: Frueh auf den Zug, damit ich auch bei gefrorenen Gleisen noch rechtzeitig in Kloten bin, schliesslich warte ich seit Monaten auf diesen Tag. Flug verspaetet, dann mal Massage. Madrid Barajas, Flug verspaetet, dann mal San Miguel, Montadito und Tortilla. Santiago - mein Schatz wartet auf mich - Endlich!!! Aber scheissheiss hier - darum mal kuehles Bier und meine erste Erfahrung mit hiesigem Essen: Pastel de Choclo, lecker! Wir logieren bei Freunden in einer Dreistoeckigen Loft im Ausgehquartier Bellavista, mit Aussicht ueber Santiago und Pool auf dem Dach - fett. Alle sagen, dass Santiago und insbesondere Bellavista sicher sei. Nun, am ersten Abend sassen wir gemuetlich in einem Strassencafe als auf der anderen Strassenseite eine Schlaegerei losging. Die in die Flucht geschlagenen kehrten mit Stoecken und Keulen zurueck, welche sie dann ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 4th 2012

No tapas, no empanadas but a lovely polo dish and a great Chilean dark beer, Kunstmann bock. I forgot to mention the temp in concorse J of the Miami airport. IF YOU EVER HAVE TO BE THERE, BRING MITTENS, EARMUFFS AND A BLANKET. According to the ground personnel and the restaurant servers it is always like that. I didn't fully warm up until I landed. My hotel, The Orly is a boutique hotel in the middle of the Providencia district, one block from the Metro. While small, my room is comfortable and clean, the bath spotless. After breakfast I headed to the ATM and then the Metro. The subway stations are decorated with art, the trains clean, quiet, timely and CROWDED! It is the best way to get around to the area I wanted to see, ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 3rd 2012

At the risk of boring you to tears, here is a brief syompsis of my travel day. Other than a small snafu at LGA and a minor melt down because a 1) curb sheck in could not find my reservation, 2) Found it but it was too complicated for him to handle and 3) there was a duplicate revervation in my name, I arrived in Miami on time. To get from AA domestic gates to the International gates, I had to exit the terminal and trudge with the air of people movers to the opposite terminal. It must have been a mile. Then it was a trudge through the concorse to the very last gate. Did I ever mention that my gate is usually the very last gate? It was two hours to flight time so ... read more

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