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South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia March 23rd 2021

Even if you have not been to Chile, you should try their signature wine, Carmenere. Winespeed agrees with me: Today considered Chile’s signature grape, carmenère was brought to Chile from Bordeaux in the late 19th century. Chilean landowners and mining barons had begun to showcase their wealth by building wine estates modeled after the grand châteaux of Bordeaux. The Chileans planted vineyards with imported French grapes, most notably cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and carmenère. Indigenous to Bordeaux, carmenère ripens late in the year—so much so that, in Bordeaux it barely ever achieved ripeness, producing wines that tasted more like rhubarb juice than a grand vin. After the phylloxera epidemic in France, it was almost never replanted. But in Chile carmenère thrived in... read more
The carmenere grape
You will like it!

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia February 9th 2017

It all Started with a Plan Last Sunday, CJ, Anna, and I had made plans to travel to Cajon del Maipo to go hiking. It was going to be the first real opportunity I had to go hiking outside of Santiago proper. The plan was a loose one at best; we were going to meet at 8:15 in metro station Tobalaba, before heading to Las Mercedes, where we would take a colectivo to San Jose de Maipo. Well, we ended up running slightly behind because someone stopped for breakfast (which of course, was closed...). Then we headed to Las Mercedes, where we were disappointed to realize that the little convenience stores in the station where we had planned to stock up on water and snacks for the day were closed (because who gets up early on ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia February 2nd 2017

Thursdays are Great On Thursdays, I don't have classes. It's wonderful, really. Either I spent the whole day catching up on sleep, get to explore my city, go on a hike, do homework (so I don't have to during the weekend), or some combination of all of the above. Today, I went to see an exhibit in the Cultural Center in La Moneda. It was an art exhibit of the work of Pablo Picasso. It was interesting, but to be honest, art museums aren't exactly 'my thing'. I can enjoy them for a little bit, but I can't spend hours there. So, after that, I headed out to walk to Bellas Artes, an area of the city that I hadn't seen yet. Then, I headed to Cerro Santa Lucia, a large hill in the day. Next, ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 28th 2017

Learning to Speak Chilean Like any region/country has it's own version of the language (ahem, hotdish vs. casserole, coke vs. pop vs. soda, you guys vs. y'all, you get the point), Chile has it's own spin on Spanish, that I am slowly picking up on. As in, a word or two every once in awhile. When someone points them out to me :P For example, instead of 'fresas' (as taught in high school Spanish 101), strawberries are 'frutillas'. The guy who sold me them gave me a weird look as he handed me the box of red fruits and said 'frutillas'. Oops. Also, the add 'po' to words here. 'Sí, po' 'no, po'. I understood a lot more once someone explained that one to me! En el Metro Had an awkward experience in the metro this ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 17th 2017

Classes Tuesday marked the first day of classes, but I only had one during the day. So, I walked around the city with one of my classmates until dance class later in the evening. Our favorite find was a little coffee shop near La Moneda that sold COLD PRESS COFFEE. That was a hugedeal, because most of the coffee sold in restaurants or little breakfast/lunch shops in Santiago is made with instant coffee. Or, if you happen to find fresh ground coffee beans, it's almost always going to be served hot. not exactly what you want when you're from Minnesota and it's over 90 degrees and sunny (which is great, don't get me wrong, but I still don't want hot coffee). Later that day, I had dance class where we began to learn salsa and ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 9th 2017

Longest Line of My Life Today I woke up early (or earlier than the past few days) and had a quick breakfast before heading to the center of the city to meet everyone for our group visa registration process. We were supposed to meet by 8:35am at the subway station Santa Lucia before heading to what is essentially the FBI of Chile to register our visas. My host father Carlos took me to the subway to meet everyone (on a side note, it was easier than the subway in Washington D.C., but that could be because it's quite similar and it wasn't my first time on a subway, and I wasn't alone :) ). the process was supposed to be finished for all 50+ of us before 11am, when we were supposed to take a tour ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia January 6th 2017

First Full Day Today was my first full day in Chile. We had orientation in the morning, followed by getting picked up by our host families and taken to our new homes for the next few months. It's been a loooong day, but a great day. After lunch and moving in, we had a siesta before my host mother gave me a tour of the neighborhood. There were tons of dogs in the park we walked through, and although none of them were on leashes, they all seemed to get along just fine! I don't know why that surprised me; perhaps because parks in the US have such strict laws about dogs always being on a leash? Tomorrow I will get picked up by a local family from church so that I can attend services (I ... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia October 31st 2016

San Juan to Santiago. Leaving San Juan around 11.00am as it was only 175 kms to Mendoza, we made our way onto Ruta 40 for our leisurely ride south. Arriving in Mendoza, Gerardo took the lead with his GPS programmed to take us to Parque General San Martin to view Cerro de Gloria monument on top of the hill. We had a snack here and entertained the tourists with photos on and around our bikes before heading down town to our hotel. Mendoza is not only the wine capital of Argentina, but also a great shopping Mecca, as our hotel has location, location right down town. The following day we met at reception at mid day and had a walking bus up to the railway station to catch our train out to Lopez Winery, which is ... read more
Pink for the Ladies
Hmm, Icecream!!
Bronze castings

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia May 15th 2016

Hallo! bin nun in Santiago angekommen und habe mir überlegt, hier regelmäßig Bilder hochzuladen, damit ihr ein paar Eindrücke von dem bekommt, was mir hier so geboten wird. Einen ausführlichen Blog möchte ich nicht schreiben, die Seite ist eher aus praktischen Gründen da, damit ich nicht jedem einzelnen ständig die gleichen Bilder schicken muss ;) Also, viel Spaß beim Ansehen und viele Grüße! Florian... read more

South America » Chile » Santiago Region » Providencia February 3rd 2015

I had a very successful shopping trip and bought about a fifth of the things that were on my list. They were all mandatory things for the rest of my trip such as a bikini. I got a really nice sarong which I can use as a towel in hostels as cotton will dry faster than towel materials, some very comfortable and brightly coloured pumps and some orange light, baggy Korean trousers so I don’t get burned. The rest of my clothes were put into laundry this morning. I definetly brought too many clothes and luggage in general. For my next trip I have a very good idea of what not to bring.... read more

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