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December 27th 2008
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Hello! Merry Christmas. We made it to Chile!
Our travels to Chile were alright... our plane was delayed at least 2 hours while we had to stay on it and wait. To top it off We had, for whatever reason, an extra small row, which for MArty does not work very well. So we arrived in Santiago 2 hours late with no way of letting my friend Belen know this. She was waiting for us when we arrived and it was so great to see her. We went out for sushi immediatly, which is Marty goal for the trip, to each seafood at least once a aday, I do not think that should be a problem.
That night we went to visit my friend Dave in El Centro. He made us guacamole, pebre and bean dip and Pisco sours. My friend Esteban later met us there as well and it was just a great time catching up with friends.
The next day was Christmas eve. We slept pretty late and then went walking around my old neighborhood. i showed Marty Suecia, the bar distric we used to go to, then the school at which I worked and finally the apartment I lived in for a year a half. I was sad that I wasn´t able to take him inside the courtyard at least and when we were walking away a couple came up to the gate. I asked if they could let us inside just to see the courtyard and they asked what apartment I used to live in. They live in my old apartment!! I could not beleive it and they let us come in and take a look around. It was so exciting to be back there, I never thought I would even see it again! It has been totally re done and looks really nice They took out hte nanny´s room and made the kitchen bigger. The couple was so nice and friendly and told us we should come by anytime and have a beer with them. I was nearly in tears, but that is not surprizing.
After the apartment we walked to Las Lillas, the park I went to nearly every weekend I lived there. It was just so great to be able to show Marty my old life. After the park we went to another bar close to my house and then to lunch.
That night we celebrated Christmas with Belen and her family. Hey family was so mçnice and welcoming and we enjoyed a great dinner with great wine. We got to watch her nephews open presents and enjy Christmas.
After that we went to Julias, another friend who moved into my room after I left. She was having a party. We ended up staying out unntil 6 am!! And I remembered what my life used to be like when I lived here!
The next day was Christmas and we went to my friend Evans friends house and had a pretty traditional American-Britsh Christmas dinner.
We were pretty beat after that and just stayed in.
The next day we rented a car and traveled to Pichilimu a surfing town 3 hours south of Santiago. But it is cold here and we do not know how long we will stay. Silly to be at a beach town and not be warm enough to sit on a beach. So we may travel up the coast and see what we see. My friend Esteban is coming to meet us and he will trave will us from here.
It is soooo great to be back. Sometimes it feels as though I never left. Much is the same. I remember my way around the streets and the metro and feel like I am fitting right in again. It is amazing to have Marty here with me sharing it all. God I missed it!

Please take care and have a great new year! Leave us some comments! We miss you!

I can´t figure out pictures on here yet... not sure they are uploading correctly. So mçno pics this time.

27th December 2008

Hola- Merry Christmas! I hope you two have such a sweet, fun, adventurous, memorable time! Happy Travels! luvs Dana
29th December 2008

Happy Festivas!
Sooo glad to hear from you and know that you're having a wonderful time! I miss you guys! But I miss you anyway, you live a state nextdoor. All my hugs and kisses to you. Can't wait to see some pictures and hear the stories. Luvs, Colleen
8th April 2009

Sorry So Late!
This comment is far overdue, but I didn't realize you were blogging again until I came across this today. Sounds like you had a lovely (and very emotional) visit. Glad you were able to share your experiences with Marty and that he could see this place you love so much.

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