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February 1st 2010
Published: February 1st 2010
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Hola All

We are now as far South as the road goes in South Amerca and Chile and communications are realy shocking, not only with the internet but our language with the few locals we meet. Simon is convinced if he talks slowly with a O on the end of everything they understand..... OH NO . It just gives me the giggles, all made worse by everyones confused expression. So we have got ourseves in a few tricky situations, like they all think we are gay. Simon trying to say we are not homosexuolo and want Doso bedyoosos just leaves me crying with laughter which only confuses the localas even more. Then he does it all over again in half speed convinced facial and hand expressions will claify any confusion!!!

Typing from a bar computer made in1970 running off copper wire so cannot send pictures or much typingo. So will pick up when we are somewhere a little more modern

So bye for now and pity the poor Chileians

The Amigos


3rd February 2010

Dio Mio!
HI Gaucho 2, I understand how you feel about Gaucho 1's truely unbelievable command of the spanish language! He has obviously forgotten all the words and phrases i taught him whilst he and i were travelling thro Argentina! No hope i fear without me to guide him through! Enjoy your last few days and stay safe! xxxxxxxx

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