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November 26th 2006
Published: November 26th 2006
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Sunrise in PichilemuSunrise in PichilemuSunrise in Pichilemu

Unreal sunrise in Pichilemu
Hey all my friends back home. How are you all doing? I am doing awesome. So the last time we talked I think I left off at about a week before mini outreach. So I can’t remember anything that happened that was significant before mini outreach but we did have a few bbqs and a great speaker in the school. So on sat we all left for mini outreach which was the 28th I believe. So that was about a month ago. So sorry for these updates and how they are so spread out but am a busy busy man. So our group split up into 2 groups. On went to a town called san Fernando and then my group went to la pintana. La pintana in a suburb, if you can call it that, of Santiago. Its known as the ghetto. It has a lot of violence and drugs there. It not a cool place to be at night or during the day. Think of being there on Halloween. Yah we were there on Halloween. It was ok. That whole thing hasn’t caught on yet here so that is good. So we arrive in la pintana and the church is
Fishing Fishing Fishing

Deigo and I fishing and man did we catch a big fish
small. Like I mean small. It has about 6 members including the family of the pastor. So it is small but that doesn’t matter cause we are there to help in what ever way we can. So one day me and my buddy, on of our leaders, Jon Deivis were kinda play fighting and I kinda slammed him into a wall and broke it in the church. Bad idea being missionaries and breaking things in the church especially seeing that we are missionaries and there to bless the church not break it. So he and I the next day put in some new drywall and it was better than new. The neighborhood wasn’t that good at all. The first day we were there I though I heard a car backfire right outside our door. Then it backfired six more times and then we figured that is was probably gun shots. Then a few nights later we heard some guy shoot a dog cause it was barking. The thing ran beside our window whimpering. So it was an interesting experience. There were also lots of drugs around the street. There were some problems with the church also. We were not getting

Alex, my artist roomate, is drawing a picture of my YWAM teacher and good friend Joseph Watson
along that well so our leader decided to move us after a week there.

We then went to los Andes the next week. So one week in la pintana and one week in los Andes. Los Andes was better and richer but the money was worth more to them than anything. It really made me aware how important love in a household is instead of money. Love takes the cake. So we did some dramas in the school there and preached also. I got the pleasure of preaching twice on the fear of god. Everyone seems to think that I have a gift but I don’t really enjoy it but we will see were I go from here. So that was cool. I also got a surprise bday party thrown for me. It was fun and we got to eat some meat which was nice. I love meat. I am a carnivore to the bones. So the mini outreach was good and all but I felt like we could have done more. For me it was tough b/c of the language barrier but I learned so much. So I came into the ywam thing with one bracelet on my wrist. I now have I now have 7. 6 of them gifts. 5 from girls but they were alittle young but they were sweet. I also have a ring but it now broke b/c it was coconut which break easy after awhile and with water it weakens. So we then came home on the 13 of nov which happens to be my bros bday. Sorry I haven’t been able to talk to you yet man. The internet at the base isn’t working but I am trying to phone you. It will happen man.

So we cam home on the 13 and I got a blessing. My friend Joseph Watson was here at the base to hang out and teach in our dts. Let me tell you he did an unreal job. It was so nice to have him here. He is the one who suggested this base to me so h gets the credit for m coming here. He then blessed me by making arrangements to teach here. I loved that so much. He is an unreal teacher. He taught on releasing destiny, who am I, and why am I here. He has so much passion for life and
Agrentinian AmigosAgrentinian AmigosAgrentinian Amigos

Juan and Diego before dramas on the street
young people and raising them up to become leaders wherever they are. I love that guy. I also got to know him really well. We hung out at every opportunity we had. It was nice to hang out with someone I knew before the dts and someone I could speak English to while he taught me and counseled me one on one. We talked a few times and had some moments together and he had a few encouraging words for me which was nice. If you really want to know then you can ask me and I will give you the run down. So what I have come to the realization is that I am going to be a leader. I am going to be a leader f young men and women age 12 to 20 say when they are at the critical age of learning who they are and about their family. Seeing as my family background is so strong I will be able to help them, lead them, counsel them, be their friend, and be a father to them. I so often really connect with young people and I believe that is the age group and I love that age group also. So I am excited to see what my next step in life is. So this week I have been in classes and my gifts are just coming out. We as a group are really searching out our gifts so we can see what are passions are and we can use them to their full potential. so today i went surfing again and it was sweet. It was bloody cold but no big deal. It is preparing me for for surfing on vancouver island. so that was fun. my feet and hands were frozen solid but i did catch a few waves so that was good. i think that is all that i can update you on as far as things i have done. oh yah i am super small. i have lost like all my muscle, the bit that i did have, gone. so i got this one story. so i was working out about 2 months ago now. i have only worked out like 5 times. pretty sad but what can yah do i am super busy. so i was working out and i was putting another plate on the bar and i smashed my thumb in between 2 plates. it hurt so much. but anyways the story continues until this day. so right after that a little bit of blood appeared at the bottom of my thumb. well about 3 weeks ago it was still there but it had made it 3 quarters of the way up my thumb. then i started to notice that the bottom of the nail was no longer growing but kinda rotting out. so i started to pick at it. well it turns out the there was another nail growing under it. so right now my thumb looks messed. the bottom 3 quarters have a new nail growing under it and the top quarter still have the old nail on it. i can´t pull it off b/c it is still connected so it is messed up. there is a weird kinda story for you people who want one. also diego and i went fishing one time. we biked for about an hour to get to this awesome fishing hole. the bikes we used sucked so much. his wouldnt shift and mine was tiny and not good. so we had a tough time getting there and then we got there and fished. i orginally thought that we were going to fish in the ocean and i was very excited. how often do you get to fish in the ocean but nope it was some crappy hole. and yah we didnt catch anything. i jsut tossed the line into some weeds and got a good pic. but diego was casting once and he launched it and then line came off the real into the water. it was funny. and it was super hot which was nice but sucked for the long bike ride. anyways thats whats been up. and you can see my braids in that pic also. pretty hot eh.

So I got one more week here in pichilemu then next sun the 3 I believe we as a base get to go to Buenos Aires in Argentina for a conference of the southern cone countries. All the bases form Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia will be there so that will be awesome. It is the first time they will be doing this so it is going to be pretty exciting. I can’t wait. One week of that. The trip there is about 28 hours by bus and our whole base will be going so that will be some awesome trip. Then after that I get to go to Uruguay for 3 weeks. Get to spend Christmas and new years in Montevideo which will be something I have never experience before. Sorry family. I really wish I would be able so spend it with you. That will be the start of our big outreach. We will all be together as a group and then on jan 3rd I think we split up to Haiti and Colombia. I will be going to Colombia. Right now we need about 15000 american dollars before all the staff and student can go. Some people have paid and some haven’t so we are fasting and praying that god will supply this money. I know he will. So if you are reading this and you want to donate email me. So we will be going to Bogotá for a month and then we will be going to Cartagena for a month and Cartagena will be like 40 degrees. So it will be nice and toasty there. I am looking forward to getting a sweet tan. Them after that we come back to pichilemu for a week and then I am off for 3 months traveling and visiting people that I have meet while here. So thats going to be awesome and the plan for the ext little bit. I have no idea when the next time I will be able to write in this thing but I will try to make it a monthly update. So there ya go people. Email me and let me know whats going on. Its nice to get a email here and there. I still want to know whats going on in your lives. Love ya family and friends. You are still on my heart and see ya in a few months. Around june. Much love GOD bless and SHALOM.


26th November 2006

Whats up bro? Just got back from church. Glad that you got to update this thing. Things here are going ok. Tons and tons of snow today, the place is covered. Keep living for God. Love yah man,
2nd December 2006

Dont you dare leave without giving a shout out to your boy
4th December 2006

word up Justin
hey good looking.. Sounds like you're having an amazing time! I haven't had time to finish reading your whole journal, but the pics are amazing! :) What's new with you? I'm busy stressing out for exams..grr.. I'd rather be on the beach surfing with you. lol.. Anyhoo, take care! TTYL
7th December 2006

Man did you get there ok? Can i use your celly?
18th December 2006

yo bru, sounds like you have experianced some real interesting situations and seeing some very cool cultures. i love the nature photos. Merry Christmas and i love you bru
24th December 2006

Merry Christmas bro. Its going to suck not having you here, hope you enjoy your Christmas in Uruguay. Dad, Joel and I went boarding yesterday at Baker, it was wicked dude. Well miss you lots man and hope you have a great holiday. Love yah
2nd January 2007

?Como esta mi amigo?
hello hippie! (my mums dubbed you that nickname because of your hair-CUT IT!) i'm reading up on your blogs, you sound like you're doing awesome just stay away from La Pintana, scary stuff (poor dog). and bracelets from the jail-baits??? lol mr popular would have one from me if you actually took it from me. i hope your bday rocked the house. i saw your bro, joel, at the ubc game and i thought he was you. i almost jumped on your bro! i'm super jealous that you're getting your surf on; we'll have to go when you get back. i'm loving your pics (especially the scenic ones) but im barely recognizing you. the one of you on top of Santiago is my fave-awesome pic. well, i hope your travels continue to be safe. ps. thx for the nail story-it was...nice.
5th January 2007

U get to Colombia ok?
10th January 2007

Update this thing with some sweet pics from Bogota. Enjoy the scorching sun while we try and get rid of the white stuff. Love yah bro

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