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January 16th 2007
Published: January 18th 2007
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Deigo playing futbolDeigo playing futbolDeigo playing futbol

This is my argentine friend playing futbol at the conference in argentina
Alright how are you all doing once again. so i haven´t updated this thing in like a long long long time. so right now i am in bogota, colombia. i will be here and around here for the next 2 months. i will be going back to pichilemu chile on the 6 or march. so i got a ways to go before i go to my travels around south america. so right now i just got to stay focused on this part on the trip. so her in bogota there is alot of poverty just like any other country and big city in south america. i haven´t seen to much of the city and i don´t think i will be able to. we are staying very busy. we are doing alot of evangleism with dramas and talking to the people. the people here are very open which is awesome. they need to fill that deep longin in their hearts, they jsut need to figure it out that it is a relationship with GOD that they need. the people here are also very cool. they are very hospitable and very respectful. its good to see that that still exists. we are also playing some sports with the people here. its nice to see that they play bball here and not just futbol. i played bball a bunch the other day. i am also playing alot of futbol. i am getting alright but i hurrt my knee the other day. i gave it a nice little twist. i also sprained my big toe on that same play. it sucked but i am alright and walking around fine now. its just alittle tender. i played some futbol in uruguay also, which i will get to soon, and i scored like 5 goals in one game and we won 16 to 8. our team ruled.

so we took a plane from buenos aires to santa cruaz in bolivia to caracass in venezuala to bogota colombia. it was a long long long trip. lots of sitting the the airport but we arrived safely. funny story we missed our flight in santsa cruz and it was my falut bc i was in charge of our little group. but the great thing is God answered our prayers and delayed the flight by an hour so we made it fine. so we didn´t miss it. so before colombia we were in motevideo for a month. while in montevideo we got to have new years and christmas there. let me tell you something about these people. they love to party ok. so on both days right at the strike or midnight on christmas eve and new years eve the whole city explodes. i am not lying one bit but every single house, no matter how rich they are, they all set off fireworks. it was something crazy. you just walk outside 5 min to 12 and get a good standing spot and just start to turn in circles looking at every house setting of fire works. there were a few places that did have some money and you could tell plan it out but it was so cool. we set off a few. one of my friends, she was holding one and while she was holding it in her hand it fired and the thing went into someones yard. it was funny but no one got hurt. we had alot of good food at these parties also and of course there was dancing. these people love to dance. i am learning slowwly but its coming. my robotic movements are slowly leaving me and my body is starting to move a bit. we also had another huge bbq and i will promise to show you how to do a real bbq. these people really knwo how to do it. then another day we had fresh baked pizza in a oven bbq kinda thing. it was so good and i ate so much. i will be going to visit those people when i travel to uruguay in may. so what else happened in urugauy. well we had a boat ride over from buenos aires which was nice. this river we crossed was unbeliveable big. it took us like 3 hours.

so before we went to uruguay we had a conference in buenos aires. i think i left off just before that last time. so the bus ride to that was a full day. it took forever but we got there. when we got there we started to meet alot of people right away. i meet some guy from langley and he knew my last name. he knew my bro jarrett and he worked for my dad. so that was real crazy. i also meet another guy from abby that goes to ucfv. it was a really cool conference. we were there for 5 days and had some amzing talks. i met so many people that i will be visiting on my travels. tons in argentina and in uruguay, bolivia, and some in chile. while we were there i learned alot and had a good time with alot of ywamers from around teh world. it was cool cause joseph showed up for 2 days also. so i got to see him for 10 min. he knew way to many people there. i think that is about all i got for that conference for now.

bogota is awesome. let me tell you how great the food is. it rules. its true we do have rice everyday for lunch and dinner but for breakfast, we get cereal and fresh fruit. like we get a different kind of fruit each day. there are so many of them here. i could never remember all the names. so this morning we had a huge fruit salad this other wierd wierd fruit, and a fried egg. and when i say fried i don´t mean in a pan i mean an egg crack open and deep fried. but they are good and we had some butter bread with it. oh sorry i jsut about forgot we had fresh juice also. we get fresh squeezed juice for every meal. it is so good and rich. i would love to live in colombia. but then i will tell you the downfall. the other day i am soup with cow stomach and intentines in it. it was realy weird but i ate it. we also had pork and bean and by pork i mean they take the pig and a big knife and jsut hack away at it. it you get some skin to big deal, it you get alittle snout no big deal. it wasn´t cool. i didn´t like it. we also had an unreal fish. they also jsut talk the whole thing and fry it up and you eat it all. i didn´t eat the tail or the fins of the head. but my friends did. so that alittle taste on food. also the house we were staying at, the father has a unreal testimony. he used to be in the secret police in colombia and then he had a bust and some drug deals made him go to jail bc they have so much power. he went for 2 years and then got invovled in drug dealing of cocaine. one time him and his friends stole 1500 kilos of cocaine from a barn that had 5000 kilos. crazy stuff. he has an unreal testimony of how he got saved also. but i did met a drug dealer. that was cool and he is super nice and loves God and hospitable.

so what has God done in my life lately. alot alot alot. its real cool to live life with him daily. he is just becoming more and mroe real to me and jsut learning about him and his attibutes rule. and he is such a personal God. i can´t even explain it or put it into words. but its good. God is also jsut using me in so many ways. for a long time i was struggling with hwo is God going to use me. i can´t talk to people all that well. it tough to get a convo going but he is using me alot. in the dramas alot forsure. people love the dramas alot. alos with sports. i get to talk with them and play with them and show them that sports is about worshiping God and not about personal acheivments. also whenever i talk people love it and God always gives me something to say. and people jsut really are blessed by me being here and wanting to be with them and show them love. he is alos really using my testimony and my strong family upbringing. one thing that is tough is that everyone always is watching me bc i am different. and its really hard not to get discouraged when you don´t understand all of the language and you can´t speak it fluently. but i am getting really good. i understand alot. and i can speak alot but the sentance structure is so different from english but i will get by here soon enough. so i think that is all for now. i am sorry there are no pics but they won´t load right now. so next week i go to another part ot colombia. about 2 hours outside bogota. there is is scorching hot and so are the other places. here in bogota it alot like home. we are up in the mountains at 2500 feet. so it ain´t all that hot. but its good. then the 4th week we will be working with deaf mute kids for 2 weeks. that will be tough but it will be great and them another place for week 7 and back to bogota for week 8 and then pichilemu. so ya friends family and others. keep praying alot and thanks for your prayers. love ya and see ya in july i think. shalom


18th January 2007

Good update bro. Sounds like God is doing wonders over there. Keep it up, Jamie
20th January 2007

Hey stranger It's so awesome to hear what you're up to and how God is working in your life and what He's teaching you and what you are all able to do there with and for HIM. Isn't He amazing, and to think that He has a personal relationship with anyone who desires it, each and every one of us, even how different we all are...He made us that way and loves us!! Anyways, I'm in Winnipeg right now with your bro, life is good, busy, cold right now ;) lol. Lots of prayers for ya buddy!! Hopefully I'll hear from you soon!
22nd January 2007

yo bru
dude i am so excited for you and all the wonderful experiances that you are encountering. it sounds like you are loving travelling and being used by God through ways that you wouldnt have imagined. stay safe in that crazy culture that you are in. i hope you shot some photos of all those fire works errupting at once on new years. can't wait to see you in july and hear all your stories. take care bru and i love you, Joel
24th January 2007

i miss you... BE COOL... praying for u always
27th January 2007

Diddo to what Joel said. Glad things are going awesome. Love you bro, i went on google earth and saw where you were. Looks awesome,
28th January 2007

i thought i already sent you one of these...
if you didn't get the last one: STOP GETTING HURT...and bring home some juice; it sounds killer. i'd have to say though if dinner came around and i was eating pig head and cow stomach-i'd pass, eat some grass or something. anywho, update soon and stay safe!
1st February 2007

Where you at my brother?
8th February 2007

praying for you, miss you lots
12th February 2007

Someone was on your MSN forever after you went off it on Sunday the 11th. They were saying a bunch of crap, but hopefully they didnt get into your email account. Man log off next time or whatever because this guy could have got info off you from your email account. Maybe change your password. Just letting you know if something happens to your hotmail account. Good chattin with you bro, Love yah man
13th February 2007

Dude, u having the fun of a life time walking with God. It is so encouraging to hear your stories. And you are almost in every country in south america. Wow its so true that God is such a personal God and i love that. I have seen it over the years at how he has taken me over the nations. I am so fired up when i hear your stories. I been reminding a few friends here that i do one on one with that God such a jeolous God and that he just wants you and him more than anybody else to be involve your relationship with him. Then you will see great things you never seen before and thats how we grow in our walk with him. You in my prayers bro and keep me updated. Blessings
20th February 2007

Brother, enjoy your last days with your group. Time to adventure through the rest of the continent.
10th March 2007

Contrats on graduating. You have now graduating from one more thing than me, way to go bro. I am praying for you and that God brings you guidance. Love yah man
26th March 2007

how goes???
hey buddy, haven't heard from you for a bit now. i know it's hard to find time to update your blog but get on it boy! and don't forget some pictures. i hope your still doing well and keeping safe. can't wait to hear more about your adventures. lindsay.
28th March 2007

Update time... Hope school is going well. Summer is coming to this hemisphere soon, yah baby.

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