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March 19th 2012
Published: March 19th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

To this point I think we have done a pretty good job logging our activites on the blog. That being said, there are stories and things we think of after the blog was posted that we´d like to remember. We (ok, mostly Sarah) is keeping a journal, but my handwriting is horrendous and I´d rather type it out if I can. So, sporatically we will be going back to blogs previously written and adding/updating things. For example, I´m going to put a new section at the bottom of each blog with Post Post Additions and also, if Sarah or I want to add anything to posts the other person has done we are going to note that as well.

So, just as a heads up. If you are interested in seeing those updates I think it makes sense to subscribe to the blog so it sends you emails. Otherwise you probably won´t see what we update. No worries though. It isn´t anything major. Just some small things we want to remember and wanted to let you know.


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