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May 26th 2005
Published: May 26th 2005
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Here they are folks pics from the bellybutton of the world, and from the island that is farthest away from a continental landmass than any other! These moais were all built between 300 A.D and 1700s by the Rapa Nui people of the island! They average 14 ft and 2 tons
Everyone just has to visit this place! Enjoy!
ps. I have added in some spanish words in the text just for you mom!

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Just "Leid" ChicasJust "Leid" Chicas
Just "Leid" Chicas

Laura, Lauren, Me, Elsie and Sarah just off the plane with fresh leis around our necks!
First MorningFirst Morning
First Morning

A view from the hostel on our first morning! What a surprise...we arrived at night unknowing of the beauty that surrounded us!
Our HookiOur Hooki
Our Hooki

We needed to name the car...a good, strong Rapa Nui name! So here is Laura and Hooki (our fun lil rented jeep!)
Who thought camping was the way to go?Who thought camping was the way to go?
Who thought camping was the way to go?

Here we are trying to figure out how to set up this "Chilean" tent!!
El Camino a la PlayaEl Camino a la Playa
El Camino a la Playa

First thing first..beach=TAN!
Please dont rain!Please dont rain!
Please dont rain!

We get to the beach- palm trees and moais in the background but some nasty clouds!
Tres LocasTres Locas
Tres Locas

Lauren, Laura and Sarah prancin around in front of the Moais at the beach!
Danos SOL!!!Danos SOL!!!
Danos SOL!!!

Laura, Sarah, Me and Lauren soakin up some rays on the first day!
That´s more like it!That´s more like it!
That´s more like it!

Elsie, Sarah, Laura and Me
Gorgeous, BeaUtifulGorgeous, BeaUtiful
Gorgeous, BeaUtiful

Here it is..la playa Anakena
A cave we foundA cave we found
A cave we found

Sarah and a cave we found in the wall of the rocks!
Rapa Nui ArenaRapa Nui Arena
Rapa Nui Arena

Rapa Nui Sand - the girls thought it was funny when I kept pointing out things that were Rapa Nui - rapa nui kids, rapa nui beach..etc...hey how many rapa nui things have you seen? I had to be excited!
The wishing rockThe wishing rock
The wishing rock

The wishing rock, where you have to wish to come back to the island. We all did. Te Pito o Te Henua, this rock marks the navel of the earth.
Where are they?Where are they?
Where are they?

Trying to find the 15 (quince) Moais

We didnt find them right off but we did run into this lil place right at sunset!

We found them, just after sunset. They were just amazing!
Hanga RoaHanga Roa
Hanga Roa

The town, the ONLY town, of Hanga Roa from the volcano

The rest of one of the volcanos..Rapa Nui village was right near here
At the villageAt the village
At the village

Laura and I takin in the view!

3rd June 2006

Beatiful photos chicas. I was living for 7 years in Rapa Nui. Lots of memories were recovered just having a look of your photos. Thanks

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