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South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 8th 2008

On last sunday i went to the beach with Mamá, Osvaldo, Felipe and his girlfriend Tamara... we went snorkling and the water was FREEZING! but it was pretty cool too (in the other meaning of the word)... read more
in wet suits...

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 8th 2008

Just a few pictures from school on thursday... read more
lunch hour

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 8th 2008

All last week was my school´s anniversary and thus there were lots of games and competitions between the three alianzas. The three alianzas represented the school colors: Blue (water), Orange (earth), White (air) and there was everything from sports events to a comedy show sort of thing to dances to a parade!... read more

South America » Chile » Atacama August 3rd 2008

Dag 51. Det er rart hvor mye lettere det er aa staa tidlig opp om morgenen naar du gleder deg til noe. Oppe 06:00 uten problem! Spiste god frokost (ristet brod med marmelade og appelsinjuice) for vi tok drosje til bussterminalen 06:30. Ganske noyaktig 07:00 gikk bussen. Bussen kjorte via Jujuy og videre til Purmamarca. Der tok den av mot “Paso de Jama” og Chile. Store deler av turen gikk i 3500-4000 m hoyde, det hoyeste punktet paa turen var Paso de Jama som er 4400 moh. Turen gikk videre over punaen mellom snodekte fjell, sjoer og saltsletter. Vi saa mange vicunja´er langs veien. Det var et omraade med lite bebyggelse - det gikk timer mellom hver gang vi saa en landsby. Rett for Paso de Jama stoppet vi paa den Argentinske siden av grensen for ... read more
Paa vei over punaen
Grensekontrollen paa argentinsk side

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó August 2nd 2008

pics! Just a few pictures of around the house, as promised! "there is no better or worse, only different" -YFU In case it isn’t evident... I’m having a great time! And so far I’ve found I only really miss three things (aside from you all and my pets in the states of course); -milk... here the milk tastes kinda funny. it’s not too bad but I miss organic milk from home in the states -rain... there isn't any. and it’s very very dusty (it reminds me of the county fair) -poetry... it’s a bit frustrating not to be able to write, but I can’t because my mind is mixed up... I think half in English half in Spanish and I dream mostly in Spanish now and it’s all pretty confusing.... read more
Vicious Guard Dogs

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó June 17th 2008

Arrived in Copiapo via a 5 hour bus ride in Premier Class - must be the comfiest bus ride ever. Spent the night in a hotel and then got up next morning to book a tour of the salt plains and Laguna Verde (Green Lake). Driver spoke un poko english and we spoke even less spanish. We had full-on conversations without either of us having a clue what the other was on about. So we went from 300m to 4,300m above sea level to look at this green pond. It was an amazing sight. A complete desert cropped with mountains and volcanoes and suddenly a enormous green oasis. We were lost for words. We both felt a little altitude sickness and were glad to get back down to a full atmosphere. It was bloody freezing up ... read more
Salt flat...
Laguna Verde
A cow

South America » Chile » Atacama June 16th 2008

HOLA! Well, our one day in Chile was in San Pedro. It´s a little town on the border of Bolivia in the Atacama desert. The hostal had 3 level bunk beds, which made up for the freezing cold showers. We didn´t have much time there so most of us just wandered around, eating and getting souveniours, or caught up on homework. But the next day was exciting, we traveled through the desert across the Bolivian border (where Sean almost threw up on some Bolivians) and met our guide for the next week and a half, Sonia! ... read more

South America » Chile » Atacama June 6th 2008

Die Atacama Wueste ein magischer Ort The Atacama Desert a magic Place 1. San Pedro de Atacama - eine kleine Oase inmitten der Atacama Wueste / San Pedro de Atacama - a small Oasis in the middle of the Atacama desert German: Nach einer Marathonbusfahrt von Santiago de Chile nach San Pedro de Atacama, die ungefaehr 24 Stunden andauerte, kam ich in der Nacht in San Pedro an. Der Bus hielt, doch ich sah nirgends Lichter. Lediglich ein paar kleine Lichter in der Ferne. Es sah aus, als ob wir irgendwo in der Wueste hielten, wo Salz abgebaut wird und Arbeiter aussteigen muessen, wie es so oft waehrend einer Busfahrt geschieht. Ich war anscheinend nicht die einzige Person, die das dachte. Fast alle warteten darauf, dass die Fahrt weitergeht. Nachdem dann der Busfahrer laut rief "San ... read more
01 Die Oase San Pedro in der Atacama Wueste
02 Una Calle en San Pedro
03 Una otra calle en San Pedro

South America » Chile » Atacama » Copiapó June 3rd 2008

The 11 hour bus journey to get to here seemed to fly by, we're obviously getting good at this bus malarkey. Just as well really as we'll be on a fair few more yet! Copiapo is surrounded by big mountains on all sides and has a dry desert feel to it. It's a relative sized town of 100K+ residents that was formed for mining in the area and has a real manual labour, scruffy thing about it. It was still early when we arrived (about 8am) so we sussed out the buses for tomorrow night to Calama from where we'll make the 1 or 2 hour hop to San Pedro de Atacama, before we went in search of somewhere to spend the night. After a bit of map confusion we found a residencial, our cheapest sleep ... read more
Emma looking at the 'glow in the dark' specimens in the mineral museum
Plaza Prat (main plaza)

South America » Chile » Atacama May 30th 2008

Day 33 A day full of travel, with the plane journey back to Buenos Aires and then a quick stop at Millhouse to meet up with Col then off to the bus station to get a bus overnight to Cordoba. Day 34 Arrived in Cordoba and wandered to our hostel to have a little nap. Had a wander around the town during the day while Claire was a lazy bones and stayed in bed watching Along Came Polly for the 14th time on the trip. You like to Scuba? Cooked some pasta for din dins then hit some sauce and went on the town. Its a massive university city (7 of them) so there was loads of folk out and about. Had plenty of drinks, me and Col had a couple of naps and then left ... read more

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