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June 10th 2009
Published: June 10th 2009
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I can't believe I've already been here one week. I am happy to say that the honeymoon feeling has finally started to pass, it was wearing me out 😊 When I arrived I was just overwhelmed with different emotions and soo many things to do to help the group here; answering questions, making connections, finding houses and answers, free passes for dancing 😉 haha

Much has changed in one year though. I'm so thankful to still have my friends and familiar places, but some of the most important things have gone or changed in this year. There is a lot of construction (in my house, on campus and down town). My old stomping ground, bar alto, no longer exists; and my best friend Victor isn't here anymore. The university is not on strike, so that in itself is strange, but you know me, I still can't walk through campus without knowing someone 😉 ..haha..But it really is a weird feeling to be back and feel so different. Many of you will be happy and surprised to hear that I actually miss Iowa every once in a while.

Now that the classes have started for the group, I have a little more time to take me time. I went to the orphanage last night that I visited last year and saw many of the same kids. They remembered me, for the most part (some of them are sooo young) 😉 I'll be visiting them each week again this year, mis ninos de casa 10.

I went out to celebrate my return with friends last week a few times, and Saturday played tennis eaaaarly in the morning after dancing all night..haha viva la vida. Looks like I'll be playing tennis often this year 😊

Saturday night was the big Chile -vs-Paraguay futbol game, and CHILE WON! (CHILE GANO!!!!!) 2-0. Tonight is the next game, but it's against Bolivia so it won't be much of a game 😉 haha.. (we'll win again).

As far as the ART goes (the reason many of you are reading any of this at all), I've been talking with students this week to build interest. The hardest part is finding a time/place to make it work for a group of people... but I think I'm just going to start posting times and going for it. 😊 I've talked with a University director here about helping him with a project to celebrate the upcoming holiday of flag day and mis ninos want to learn at the orphanage. My grandpa is still thinking of ideas for me too, bless his heart, so there is talk of me going to a neighborhood meeting sort of thing and even visiting another campus. Everyone is very very excited to learn. (Wena onda eres! Super bakan!...cosas como asi)

If you can believe it, I haven't hardly turned on my camera here! I need to start snapping shots. I'll add pictures on here as soon as I remember to take some 😉

Hope all is well!!!


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