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May 17th 2009
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Trudging up the hill, the only thing that prevents us becoming airborne it seems is the suction of our boots to the slop. The poncho that envelops us isn’t helping much aerodynamically, but beneath its shelter, shackled to my back, Kiva somehow manages to sleep. "It’s possible to experience four seasons in a single day in Patagonia", I recall, as a hail seeded wintry-mix swirls up through the ... Read Full Entry

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Hanging glacier in P.N. QueulatHanging glacier in P.N. Queulat
Hanging glacier in P.N. Queulat

Waterfall pouring out of the glacier near Puyuhuapi (Carretera Austral, Chile)
Wine tourWine tour
Wine tour

Undurraga Winery, Chile
Parque Nacional HuerquehueParque Nacional Huerquehue
Parque Nacional Huerquehue

The Lake District, Chile
Parque Nacional HuerquehueParque Nacional Huerquehue
Parque Nacional Huerquehue

The Lake District, Chile
Aracuaria treesAracuaria trees
Aracuaria trees

Parque Nacional Huerquehue, Chile
taking it all intaking it all in
taking it all in

Parque Nacional Huerquehue, Chile
Waterfall in Parque Nacional LaninWaterfall in Parque Nacional Lanin
Waterfall in Parque Nacional Lanin

Argentinian Lake District

17th May 2009

You'd be missed.......
Hi Jason and Jennifer......oops hi to Kiva too. I have been reading up on your blogs (including the earlier ones) and now feel like I have met you, played with Kiva, and traveled with you. Just want to let you know that I wish you good luck on your new academic endeavor, but also wish you wouldn't quit blogging altogether. Your stories have made us all better-informed, even amused, and overall wanting to follow your path!
17th May 2009

Thanks my friend
Thanks for all the fantastic stories. Its been a true pleasure to follow your travels thrue the world. And oboy ship o hoy your son looks just like you hehehe All the best to you and your family Andy the captain Vos Digging away in Sweden
17th May 2009

Hasta luego
Hope it's not too long before you're back :-)
17th May 2009

Your photo are very impressive and stunning. Actually I like to go to these places and your photo make me to visit these places even more. Anyway, Kiva is very cute, one of the cutest kid I ever seen. Where was he born? Travel save!
17th May 2009

you two just never stop!! nice work on keepin it real with Kiva by you side (or on you back)!I´m in Chile right now but it´s not the time to explore Patagonia! Where are you three now?
18th May 2009

Good luck to you, Jen and little Kiva
with the study and the new non-nomadic lifestyle in Canada - I'll miss your blogs with or without bloglag! - enjoy your deserved retirement blogger number 90.
19th May 2009

Hi ZT, Kiva was born in Korea, which may not be apparent at first glance. Megan, we are currently in Sucre, Bolivia; planning to to stay in Bolivia until our visas expire in mid July, before ducking into northern Chile (Lauca and Arica) on our way to Lima, Peru, where we fly to Miami via Mexico City (we got a real bargain with Aeromexico for some reason?). If you´d like me to give an exact address Ali (so you can send that gold retirement watch) PM me! P.S. As for enjoying my retirement; I've acquired a little experience in that department over the years;-)
15th June 2009

Hi Jason,
Well, I wish you well with your studies then. And, of course, your new status as what is most likely to be the first stationary nomad on earth. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blogs (and felt a wee jealous of your travel writing skills…). Good luck! René
10th July 2009

Such a shame you've decided to quit blogging; I've really enjoyed following your travels! Travelblog will be a poorer place without you. You are a great writer and a highly talented photographer; may you have lots of success in your new adventure. AJ
27th December 2009

A simple note of gratitude. You're an inspiration. The selfishness of us readers await your return to the story-telling (as nomads in retirement don't last forever), yet the selflessness of us followers wish you well in your continuing journey and blogs or no blogs, thank you for all you've given us. Cheers!
17th January 2010

Blog of the year 2009, for the C and S America/writing category
Check this out. :)
14th April 2010

Inspirational Blog
I discovered your blog very late in the game, but I've been hooked from the first post to the last. Your intrepid nature has been truly inspirational. Even if this is your last blog I'm sure it won't be your last adventure as you still have they other half of the world to still to explore:D. I wish you and your young family good luck.
3rd July 2012

Thankfully it was not goodbye
I'm so very glad that you decided to recommence blogging - please don't quit again, just modify the blogging regime.

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