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February 11th 2009
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One can say futebol (pronounced foochieball) is part of the culture here in Brazil. On any given day you can see about one in three people wearing some sort of jersey. So we desided to go to a game to get some culture. We figured what better game than when the two Curitiba teams are playing eachother, what's the worst that can happen? Well, the super fans are called fanaticos and to tell you the truth I couldn't see anyone that wasn't a super fan. Toilet paper, fireworks, giant flags, chanting, singing were all present. Seemed like anything was allowed but beer, not sure why. You can walk the streets with beer in hand, drive your car with beer in hand, do just about anything except no drinking in the stadium, only outside. I have never felt a concrete stadium shake like there was an hour and a half long earthquake. I think I was only one concerned. Unfortunately the game ended in a draw. However, the visitor section is escorted out and down the street before any home team fan is allowed to leave. That only seemed to prevent the choas till home fans were allowed to leave. Very interesting. Brazilians like their soccer.

Our next excursion would take us to Florianopolis or Floripa. A large island in Southern Brazil full of beaches. We hit about six amazing beaches during the weekend, played some frescoball, frisbee, and indulged in all the beaches goodies. Churros, melted cheese on sticks, pinapple caparinhas, kiwi caparinhas, beers, corn or the cob, the list goes on. You really don't have to get out of your chair if you don't want to. I certainly recommend a visit to this place. It probably doesn't hurt that we've had a personal chauffeur this entire time.

A side note about Brazil's restaurant industry. Many pay per weight places exist along with these Churrascarias where waiters will bring all types of meats and deliciousness to your table so you can stuff your face and protein overload. Point Brazil.

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11th February 2009

Brazil oh yeah!
Oh boys, you are really enjoy it! Caipirinhas are the best, in any flavor, but I still prefer lime one. And if you think teh stadium was shaking, wait to hear the Escolas de Samba in Carnaval....ahahahahahahah....tum, tum, tum Take care guys

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