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December 17th 2008
Published: December 17th 2008
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1: all we need is love 9 secs
So I left Victoria yesterday morning at 7am. It was super cold on the way to the airports, definetly below 0.

Once I got to Vancouver, I had to go through US customs. After waiting in line for about half an hour, I walked up to the customs official and handed over my passport. First thing he says to me, before even looking at the passport is, "Are you even old enough to travel?"..." Yah, I'm 20". "Oh, ok you dont look it". lol he was nice. But really..? does he actually thing I look 16.
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So pretty!! Flying Vancouver-Dalas At the gate for the Vancouver-Dalas flight, I asked the lady at the counter to check if she could get me better seats on the flights. Meanwhile, I am really late to board and there is a family (2 parents, 3 little kids) trying to get seats together standing near me at the counter. Once the lady had assigned me killer seats on the next 3 planes, I thanked her and am about to go on my way when I realize ... "Where is my carry on, it was right here a minute ago..?" Next thing I know, we are chasing the family that was beside me at the counter through the plane. I am the last passenger to board and everyone is already seated, except them. What do you know, the husband had picked up my carry one and had already stored it in the overhead compartment!!! He said it was a mistake... i guess i beleive him.. but seriously? That would have been quite the bummer having my suitcase stolen. I mean in Vancouver too, I would understand if it I had been already in Brasil, but I was still in canada! Not to take a stab at my own country, but I don't really feel the need to keep my guard up in Canada, my mind set changes once im in south america.

Dalas-Maimi was less eventful.. took this Vid on the way to my gate in Maimi tho, thought it was pretty cute Right aligned photo tag:

All we need is love! - Miami Airport

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This is a really great book! You should read it.Anyway, the trip was really great, I sat in the first row after first class seating on every flight.

Sylvester Stallone was sitting in first class on my way to Rio from Miami. That was pretty cool. My dad said that people were clapping for him when he came into the open area at Rio International.

I waited about an hour to get my luggage, after buying three bottle of johnny walker gold label for my dad at duty free, haha pretty funny a girl buying all the whiskey. They ended up leaving one of my bags in Miami so Í'll have to wait until tmrw to get those back. Left aligned photo tag:

Stolen Car for sale...
On the way out of the airport we saw this car in the parking lot, dad saying is probably stolen. Doesn't look too good to me! Right aligned photo tag:


Its raining here today, so dont be too jealous! Will post next time anything worth telling happens.
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YAY i made it, Ronaldinho, yeeeah

Tchau for now.

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