Happy New Year 2008!

Published: January 1st 2008
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Happy New Year, goodbye 2007, welcome 2008. 2 million people, 10 cruise ships, 16 mins of fireworks and 3 great friends. Out with all the false promises and misadventures of 2007 and in with the new and shiny 2008. Best wishes to everyone!

I wrote the paragraph above at 2.30am after partying with everyone in the streets. This I write at 5pm the next day - still the 1st January 2008 - Wow - what a new years party, the biggest one I have ever attended.

A few friends and I headed down to Copacabana beach - we got as close as we could to the breaking waves. The fireworks are launched from 6 barges that are anchored out a few hundred meters, closer than the cruise ships shown in the photos. Just before the countdown for 12am was the firework display started - everyone was a little confused but totally awed by around 16mins of display.

Brazilian New Years Traditions

Wearing of a colour to symbolise hopes for the new year - traditionally white for peace, red for passion, yellow for riches. Most people wear white.

New underwear - of one of the colours from above.

Jumping 7 waves and making a wish - just after the new year.

Throwing flowers into the sea.

Grapes - eaten at the turning of the new year.

The last meal of the year should be of a positive kind - chicken is negative because it flaps it's wings backwards - Salmon is a strong fish so a positive meal.

Additional photos below
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1st January 2008

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Hope you have a great 2008! Keep up the terrific work you're doing on this site. Your photos are super!
1st January 2008

Happy New Year
Best wishes for 2008! Keep up your great work on this site....from a very cold but very festive Ottawa.
1st January 2008

Happy New Year
Looks like someone is still traveling and enjoying themselves... All the best in 2008!!
1st January 2008

Happy New Year 2008
Hi Ali, Happy New Year 2008! Thank you for what you have done on this site. Love this site. Hope to meet you on our future travel. Take care and enjoy your continue travel..
7th January 2008

I tried to find myself in the picture!
Hey Ali, I was at the same exact spot as you on New Year's. Actually some of my pictures look pretty similar. I live here in Rio and was wandering if you're still around. I am planning a one year trip around the world and it would be nice to talk toy you. Hope to here from you. Take care. Sam.
17th January 2008

Bit late
.. but happy new year Ali !
25th August 2009

man I lived in Rio for 3 months in 2006 and visited again in Jan...such a lovely place!
27th March 2011
Copacabana - Happy 2008

What an amazing shot! I love the beach and fireworks..so this really does it for me!

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