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February 1st 2007
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Natal - Sandunes at Ponta Negra beachNatal - Sandunes at Ponta Negra beachNatal - Sandunes at Ponta Negra beach

This was the famous landmark sandune in Ponta Negra, behind it and all over the area were hundreds of sandunes.
Day 31 - Day 46


Natal, the capital of Rio Grande de Norte, is a modern and clean city in the north of Brazil, famous for its sand-dunes, with the main attraction being beaches rather than museums! It is a 22 hour bus ride north of Salvador, and the people and culture differ greatly.

We stayed in Ponta Negra, the tourist area of Natal where most people stay when they visit, 10 km from the centre of Natal. Natal translates as Christmas, and the city is characterised by statues of the three wise men on every corner. They have good shopping malls and nice restaurants here.

One night, after being widely informed by many people including the locals, we went for our first Charcusserie (All you can eat meat place)! We prepped ourselves for the occasion, starving ourselves for the day, however nothing could have prepared us for the amount of meat that we face. It was fantastic, a man's heaven, 22 varieties of high quality meat. The ways it works it simple and so good, you take a seat, and waiters come round every few minutes or as fast as you can eat, with huge pieces of steak on a skewer straight from the grill and they slice of as much as you like. A few hours or so later, we rolled away from the restaurant, soo full we wouldn´t have to eat for a week! It was extremely good meat at extremely good value. I think we paid 16 realis each which is about 4 quid! This could only happen in south america!

Open water scuba diving course

Whilst enjoying our time in Natal, we met Paul a local diving instructor, and decided this was a good time as ever to do something meaningful with ourselves, so we began an intensive 4 day diving course! Swimming pool training and after school studying wore us out for 4 days, but was well worth it and we are so excited to now be able to explore the underwater world. We did our training in a nearby lake, that was more interesting on the surface than under the water with only 1 meter of visibility but nonetheless fun. The whole experience was fantastic, our trainer Paul and his wife Michelle looked after us well, showing us the local bars and introducing us to "Quentinha" a cheap brasilian lunch!

Praia de Pipa

Two hours south of Natal is the quaint and adorable little village of Pipa. Pipa is one of the north east of Brazil´s hippiest beach town and the one thats most developed yet its still rather sleepy and backward in its ways! It boasts pristine beaches backed by tall cliffs and dolphined filled waters. As the photos show, it was just lovely and we had the most relaxing time on the beach and dolphin watching! One day whilst taking a dip, there was a splash about a meter away from us, much to our surprise it was a dolphin playing in the waves! The beaches here were very rewarding as you had to trek across cliffy rock to get to them!

Note: Sorry everybody for the delay in updating you with our whereabouts. We were in Natal more than a month ago now, but have been busy exploring and haven´t had time or will to sit at the computer and upload this lot to you!!

At the moment 12/03/07 we have just arrived in Peru, but we will hopefully get you our Rio and Carnaval blog online soonish!!

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Little and Large...getting ready for their first dive in Lagoa da BonfimLittle and Large...getting ready for their first dive in Lagoa da Bonfim
Little and Large...getting ready for their first dive in Lagoa da Bonfim

We were nervous and excited about our first dive, however the mud and silt at the bottom of this lovely lake made seeing the small snails rather a challenge!!
Lagoa da Bonfim....local herd taking a bathLagoa da Bonfim....local herd taking a bath
Lagoa da Bonfim....local herd taking a bath

There seemed more to see on the surface than under water at this logao
Praia da Pipa, Praia dos Golphinoes (Dolphin beach)Praia da Pipa, Praia dos Golphinoes (Dolphin beach)
Praia da Pipa, Praia dos Golphinoes (Dolphin beach)

We chilled on this beach for a few days, as it was difficult to get to due to the rocky cliff trek and frequent changing tides, we were mostly alone on this beautiful beach with dolphin filled waters!
Pipa, Praia do Madeiro another beach further along the red cliffed coast linePipa, Praia do Madeiro another beach further along the red cliffed coast line
Pipa, Praia do Madeiro another beach further along the red cliffed coast line

Here palm trees and huge waves made for an interesting and fun day at the beach. Also, whilst we were enjoying some fish soup at the beach bar, we saw dolphins hunting in the waves! That was something special, too bad they were to fast to catch on film

13th March 2007

Hey Christian. So glad to here you guys are having fun. That picture of you on the beach looks like paradise. Enjoy the sun, enjoy the brazil atmosphere. Take it easy buddy Richard
13th March 2007

Bengali tiger
Ciao, lovely lovely as always. Will now be awaiting the pics from Peru:) Love ya!! Linda
13th March 2007

A South American hello!
Hey guys.You look like you're having a fabulous,South American 'ole time!It's been lovely hearing from you. I'm sorry to say Kate that from the piccies I feel that Christian is winning on the tanning front!But hey,I guess I can't talk as I rely on mere freckle amalgamation to develop a tan!;-)Have a fab time and keep up the critically acclaimed journals.Love Cath xxx
13th March 2007

that looks so nice
Hi you 2 hope your both well.You look really happy,take some nice pics in peru it looks beautiful x
14th March 2007

nice tan!!
Say hi to the girls in peru from staffo den lille kåtbocken!! hahahaha skämtar bara, jag e ju en liten skojare som du vet, skitrolig tycker dom flesta.... Looks like you are having a nice time over there, wish i could be with you for just a few weeks... Aja, take care, puss o kram!!
15th March 2007

Lucky bastards
Hey, happy to see you guys are thriving. Really looks like paradise down there. Now how about som pics of the beautiful women ;P looking forward to the next blog.
18th March 2007

Hope you're having a good time it certainly looks like it. We miss you lots can't wait to see you again. You look like you're having better weather than us it's snowing and hailstoning here! love from auntie june uncle jack and danielle xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
18th March 2007

So thats were the party`s at! I`v just been on a aloevera seminar and lernd about helt. If i was to be in south Amerika i would look theis plant up, just to have a pure tast of it. keap up the good tan, Jah bless!
21st March 2007

i HEART Pipa
Praia do Pipa was by far my favorite place in Brazil...i LOVED it there...brought back good memories seeing your pics!! enjoy peru!

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