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January 13th 2009
Published: January 13th 2009
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Combuco... this place is HEAVEN! After the madness of Rio, this little town outside Fortaleza is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! As far as music goes, Samba isn~t the music-of-choice here, rather a variation called Forro (pronounced FO-hoe), which can be fairly easily found being played around the town if you look & listen hard enough! In Fortaleza itself, it~s the usual city dance and club sounds, although I went to a club that came highly recommded that plays lots of rock. After an hour & a half of the usual boring House DOOF-DOOF (not a fan in case you hadn~t noticed!), there was a good covers band playing a mixture of American; English; Aussie, etc & Brazilian Rock.
Apart from the great local music, the housing, food, local people & beaches here are what makes this place so amazingly beautiful. Not to mention the lack of tourists. Apart from a heap of Kite-surfers, this paradise is basically empty.
The only problem... if it could be called a problem... is that technology is reasonably basic here (unless you go into the city, but why would you want to do that!) So since I didn~t bring a laptop, it~s tough enough trying to get a computer with an internet connection, let alone upload photos! So sorry, pics will have to wait.


16th January 2009

Speak English?
Just wondering what language you're speaking in heaven (on earth)? Be difficult coming back to earth!! Bt the way, we like the facial shadow - is it still there?

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