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February 8th 2007
Published: September 17th 2007
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my travel buddies- Yvanka and marcomy travel buddies- Yvanka and marcomy travel buddies- Yvanka and marco

if u come across them...say to yvanka: "iznt that weeiered"
6th February- 8th february

Leaving Lucila was so hard. Her and her friends were headed back to Sao Paolo to fly back home, and the Dutchies and needed to make our way north to get to carnival!

In all the excitement of the last few hours in Buzios, we tried taking a photo that resulted in Yvanka and marco falling through the glass coffee table, escaping with a few grazes. The landlady furious when she discovered it. We should have hidden the evidence a little better. But careful scheming, we all left to the bus stop leaving Marco behind to pay for the damages, given that he was "to stay a few extra days". of course, half hour later, he comes running to the bus stop with his bag, having ran away from the landlady. we board the first bus going to god knows where. but our detour eventually leads us in the right direction. like bad karma, we get stranded in a town in the middle of nowhere, waiting for connections bound to porto seguro the next day!

Arriving in the early hours into Porto Seguro, we check into Hostel Porto Seguro (very original name! hehe). a friendly sort of place, but lacking much of a backpacker vibe. Porto Seguro is also the birthplace of the exotic, and previously prohibited dance famouslsy known as Lambada. sadly, i never got the opportunity to see it danced. But Thursday night is meant to be the main night for it.

We headed down to Axe Moi beach. this place is a must. Located in the heart of the beach, a large beach bar with a stage and large dance floor around which all the umbrella shaded tables and seats are. The beach was beautiful, but the atmosphere in the bar was awesome! They had singers and dancers. The compere was a transvestite who was obsessed with Marco, and would drewl each time he walked past! so funny!

We danced, we drank more caipirinhas. The dance floor was amazing. whilst you are dancing, water shoots out from the corners and sprays you as you are dancing...like dancing in the rain. but with awesome brazilian beats and everyone in their swimmers! awesome!

The nights were spent around the Passarela do Alcool, where drinks stands, food stalls, souvenir stalls
pink mudded up at laguna azul!pink mudded up at laguna azul!pink mudded up at laguna azul!

the stuff was like marshmellows!
stood facing the numerous bars with music echoing from their doors. Live music in the form of MPB (musica popular Brasilera) was the fashion. it is similar to bossa nova, mellow and soothing...great chill back music! even better when its live! i bought way too many CDs!


Set a short boat ride from the port in porto seguro, this used to be a playground for the wealthy. driving through, you can see the numerous boutique shops and pousadas (places to sleep, much like a cottage), tree shaded streets. and then the beautiful beaches. We only had a chance to visit the dreamlike Paraia de Pitinga. Surrounded by jagged orange fading to yellow walled cliff faces.

Taking a walk further down, you come to lagoa Azul (meaning Blue lagoon). the name is strange as all you can find is a muddy reddish-pink lagoon, where you immerse your sunbaked body and rub the mud into your skin. if you sit still long enough, the mud builds over your lower regions like marshmellow. such a strange sensation! then you lay in the sand so that the mud can dry leaving your skin soft and supple! apparently! but it was a cool experience!

The last night we were there, we headed out to a large out door, beachside dance arena, where live bands played, and the regular show of dancers kept the people happy, often finding that everyone there knew the different steps to every song that came on, or can easily follow the rehearsed steps. it was only us tourists that lagged behind!


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