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March 3rd 2017
Published: March 27th 2017
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So Ive made way to Bolivia. Traveling around and over Lake Titicaca. I stayed a night in Puno and was amazed by the random parades that pop up on the streets. Carnival time is all over. It seems if you have a brass band and some costumes you just hit the street. Cars and my bus just go around. After we passed through Copacabana we had to get off the bus and get onto a small boat, while the bus went onto a large barge. We all waited about 45 minutes for the bus and then continued on the La Paz. My seat mate was a retired gentleman from Kobe, Japan. He in formed me that our cities were sister cities and he's a fan of the Seahawks. He traveled to Seattle in the 80's and had watched them since. He told me a story about watching the Super Bowl in Cambodia and how he was the only one in the bar cheering.

La Paz is huge. So many bricks. Most of the city surrounds the skyscrapers that are in the bottom of the valley. The brick homes climb up and over the valley walls and go for miles. I didn't realize just how big it was. Lots to explore. The sky high "subway system" is a thrill and offered great views. I have to admit I was a little scared when I was in a car all by myself. Took a day trip to Tiwanaku to investigate ancient aliens for myself, there are some unanswered questions. It's kinda spooky, unless they had lasers or tricorders. ????

The next few weeks were a blur. I took busses all over Bolivia. The internet is pretty poor so Im going to rush though a bit.

Cochibamba had some good museums with crazy mummies. They claim the heads were elongated in infancy but all I see is more alien evidence. Great restaurants here.

Sucre was so cute I stayed here for five days. The town square is lovely and the people love to chill. I down loaded a book to my kindle and it took about six hours. I did not even try to open up websites. There was a weekly market about three hours outside of town that was crazy busy with locals from all over. I ran into an Irish couple that I had crossed the boarder with and they told me to check out the dinosaur footprints outside of town. I did and couldn't believe how many there were. Sucre is at 12,000 feet but I got pretty use to the Altiplano heights.

Next I'm heading to Uyuni.

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