Pics of Lake Titicaca, Copacabana and La Paz

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June 8th 2005
Published: June 8th 2005
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Here are some more...enjoy!

Additional photos below
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Floating IslandFloating Island
Floating Island

yep..floatin..i swear...
still floatin....still floatin....
still floatin....

they are floating islands..made out of reed!
Las Islas FlotantesLas Islas Flotantes
Las Islas Flotantes

There are tons of them throughout the lake..which by the way is the HIGHEST naveagable lake in the world!!
And we´re...And we´re...
And we´re...

standing on one!
And reed boats?!?!And reed boats?!?!
And reed boats?!?!

Yep they float too
Now we´re on the boat!Now we´re on the boat!
Now we´re on the boat!

Carolyn, Marc and me
Cute twin boys!Cute twin boys!
Cute twin boys!

Okay..I did buy something from them!
Cocinando algo...Cocinando algo...
Cocinando algo...

She was cooking something. Actually we tried eating the reeds that the islands are made out of...tastes like celery!
Come again....Come again....
Come again....

a what?!?! Yep telephone..on a FLOATING ISLAND
Lake TiticacaLake Titicaca
Lake Titicaca

Marc, Carolyn and I were the only ones who ventured out to see the lake and Bolivia.
Our host familyOur host family
Our host family

We went to one of the islands (okay so there are "real" land islands and floating ones). We stayed with a host family on a land island. Here they are..Franklin was the super cute lil boy!
Too cute!Too cute!
Too cute!

We were all wearing these super silly hats..the locals make them and sell them to the tourists..sorry but we pretty much felt like gnomes!

nope just carolyn, our host mom (ya she is a native!) and me dressed up in their local dress. They had a party for us!
The bandThe band
The band

they were actually pretty good for being lil kids!

Marc and our host mom dancing the night away...these people LOVED dancin and wouldnt let you rest for a minute!

23rd July 2005

Thanks for sharing the great pics!!
16th December 2005

good pictures - i just became interested in Bolivia with the rising star Morales - hope he makes it to the presidency - it's time for the natives to rule their own country

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