Day 47 - Rain Rain Go Away

Published: May 18th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

We woke up to another miserable cloudy day - which was expected after no tour company would book us on a tour for today. We later found out that in the days and weeks prior to our arrival it had been a gorgeous 30 degrees, but it being "winter," every couple of weeks the weather turns bad for a few days. What bad luck. t was a good job we were staying in a hotel with the best breakfast in Bolivia, indeed in South America! Run by an American and his wife (of un-deciphered origin) it was no surprise that the menu was filled with options such as Nancy's Slam Dunk - 3 eggs, 3 bacon and 3 American style pancakes with syrup! Also on offer were a range of Mexican burritos, numerous eggs and bacon combos and healthier options such as granola. It should be noted that a continental breakfast (bread and jam, juice and coffee/tea) was included in our room price, thus was included with whatever extras we opted for. People came from other hostels for these breakfasts, and still the continental came as standard!

After breakfast we chilled in the deckchairs in the flower filled garden (caught glimpses of a hummingbird among many other birds) before the strenuous 3 block stroll into town to find a pace for lunch (not having cooking facilities in the hotel). We opted for La Vaca Loca (crazy cow) - good food but an unfriendly German owner - seems to be a huge German contingent here. Found a hippy market that would have been more at home at Glastonbury - full of dreadlocks and Rastafarians. The evening found us back at the Black Sheep for the crackling fire, board games, wine and beer, and good food.

Chris's Corner

Having not had spicy food for a while, when my chilli con carne turned up at the Black Sheep with a separate with a separate bowl of spice to add, I didn't think twice about adding plenty! Don't get me wrong, I like spicy food but when I'd stripped off two layers of clothes, was sweating and my nose running, even I had to admit I'd added too much! Burns on the way in....


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