Everyone Gets Sick in South America Eventually

Published: May 6th 2007
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Hello Everyone

Well, you may have noticed that we´ve not updated the blog for over a week now (thanks to those of you who posted messages in the mean time) but after managing to elude the dreaded tummy bugs that plague travellers in South America for almost 3 months, we finally fell ill. Really ill. It´s hard to know the exact cause but we suspect it was a pizza at Minuteman Pizza in Uyuni. The morning after eating there I was in pretty bad shape but we were due to go on our 3 day salt plains tour and I stubbornly (and stupidly) refused to cancel, thinking that these things usually pass in a day. By lunchtime however, whatever was making me ill had also caught up with Glynn and we were both getting worse, not better.

I'll not go into detail about the unpleasantness of it all suffice to say that we barely ate for 4 days and became seriously dehydrated despite drinking constantly. Only now, on our second day in Tupiza and 6 days after falling ill, are we able to stray away from the toilet for more than 5 minutes. The fact that we opted to take an 8 hour bus ride to get here is testament to how much we hated Uyuni for giving us this evil disease. A trip to the pharmacy got us some much needed medication and the good news is that we're definitely on the mend so please don' t worry about us.

I'm hoping to post blogs and photos of our adventures in the salt plains later on today so stay tuned! Hope you're all doing well!


6th May 2007

im glad you are felling much better now kids please look after yourselfs i will have to feed you with some proper food when you come home ha ha love mom dad and lee x x x x x for jish x x x x x

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