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Published: November 8th 2012
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After I somehow managed to end up in Chile I dont even remember now where to begin...

I think it was... SANTA CRUZ!

Santa Cruz is a town that doesn't seem bolivian at all compared to other cities. It has a mix of small town feeling in a big city. Or the other way around? It's rather relaxed and green, and very very very hot! too hot, but I was there for a reason: DIEGO!

Diego is a Colombian friend that I worked with in London! And I have to tell you that this is happiness: meeting a friend on the other side of the world, a piece of home set in the middle of south America 😊 priceless, and worth every night spend on a bus, which were 3 out of 4 in total, sometimes I really feel like a gypsy!

The next town was SUCRE, where we decided with the entire hostel to go to the cinema, an experience thats not to be forgotten, on the way back we passed a billion Karaoke bars, but as noone was up for it we made a small performance on the street and went "home" 😊

So one day I woke up and thought it was time to get moving again, as I became too comfortable in the cool hostel with the cool people and our cool excursions, so I packed my stuff and took a cab,... which was already taken! But it seemed to neither bother the driver nor the other passenger, so we shared and had a nice chat 😊 Arriving at the station I was lucky to have gotten the very last seat for the day to Potosi, I was celebrating my luck in my heart... when, after about 30min we stopped. Locals told me after 15 min that we would have to wait there for 2-3 hours, nobody knew why, but noone seemed to care either... besides ME! I had another bus to catch to UYUNI! Once I stopped cursing under my nose the driver came running towards the bus and shouted "QUICKLY LETS GO!" and once he was in he started moving slowly and people were jumping into the open bus running next to it. I arrived in Potosi at 18.05 (YAAAAY -I thought) 25min til the last bus leaves to UYUNI! So I went round and round and round searching for it and was told after 10min that it departs from the OTHER TERMINAL! 2 terminals? in a town of 170.000 inhabitants? Whatever. Taxi. 5min later. I was there. And---- I GOT A SEAT! You think Im lucky, eh? When I arrived at about 10pm I was offered a tour to the Salt Flats, departing the next day, I took it! ...easy 😊 the tour agent even drove me to my hostel in his jeep... what a lucky day!

As I said, the next day I went on the tour... and the following three days I cannot describe for you, one has to go and see for himself, but it included a salt-hotel, a shabby mud-hostel, some beers resulting in locking ourselves out of the room, some funny adventures, some short nights and beautiful sunrises, some singing, some volcanos, some broken down cars, some lagoons, some beautiful salt flats and some French people that I would not have wanted to miss on the trip!

We finished the trip close to the Chilenian border, so I took the chance and left with two others, as from San Pedro, where I am now, it is only about 9 hours to Salta, where I want to go in Argentina. thats how I ended up in Chile 😊


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