Uyuni - Salt Flats

Published: January 6th 2009
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We were up early today same as most days, up at 5.30am and breakfast at 6am before hitting the road before 7am. We had a short 2 hr drive to Uyuni which is where we would visit the salt flats. Once we arrived in Uyuni we dropped our bags off in the hostel and spilit up into 4x4´s and headed off. The first stop on the trip was a train graveyard!!! You heard me right! Now that doesn´t sound like a lot of fun know but when we arrived we were like a bunch 8 yr old kids...all the boys climbed on board and then on top of the old trains and some even humped the chimney for cominical effect (yes that was me!!! )
We stayed for only a short time because we had an hours drive to the salt falts. We spent a few hours on the falts and took loads of group and individual photos of us doing stupid things, the photo´s turned out a treat and you´ll see them soon if you haven´t already. We climbed a very small hill (compared to Machu Picchu) so we could see the beautiful scenary which was basically white as far as the eye could see until you hit the mountains in the far distance. Approx at 6pm the sun set which we stayerd around was pretty nice but we´re seen so many sunsets now it wasn´t that great. Then when that was finished the race was on...our tour leader had been talking for weeks about this hostel where we were staying because it had a restaurant called Minuteman Pizza attached and apparently it was the way Pizza in South America generally sucks arse because there is too much cheese and no tomato base so we were all looking forward to it!!! As it turned out everyone enjoyed the pizza except Stefano who because he is from the home of pizza found something to complain about!!!

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