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February 22nd 2012
Published: February 23rd 2012
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Witches´ MarketWitches´ MarketWitches´ Market

Many a llama foetus!
Woke up and had a leisurely breakfast and took a walk down hill to the San Franciscan Cathedral. This was extremely ornate and we wandered down the right aisle and up the left-hand one and made our getaway as a service was about to commence.

La Paz does not appear to be a particularly inspiring city and we really couldn't be bothered with the small museums as information is mostly in Spanish..... Walking around La Paz takes effort as it is on a steep hill. Going down is fine but walking back up is very hard work and if you don't walk really slowly, you can be out of breath very quickly. We wondered back up to the 'Witches Market' which is really a market where many different types of herbs and oils beneficial to health are sold along with the usual tourist jumpers, alpaca socks, bags and other tourist tat. In addition, they sell llama foeti which are all stacked up in varying sizes, with and without hair/wool, which apparently bring good luck if buried under your house.

Following this, we discovered a little restaurant which served a very nice cappucino and we shared a very naughty chocolate
A Market stallA Market stallA Market stall

Very tempting but no room in the luggage!
croissant and some sort of cream slice for lunch.

Returned to the hotel and updated our blog and Ed downloaded the photobucket app onto the ipad and now all our photos are on The photos haven't been named and were slightly cropped in the uploading process. However, if anyone wants a look, go to and the password is 'theoutbetweeners'. We promise we shall sort them properly eventually!!

In the evening, we went out for a further group meal but this time with the people continuing on the trip and the new people joining the next leg of the trip from La Paz to Buenos Aires. There are two further couples, one young and one slightly older than us. This is bad news because currently we are always given a nice double room whereas others share in threes and fours. Let's hope that the places we stay at in the future have enough double rooms to go round. As well as the couples there area few more single people joining. The average age has increased a little and our new travelling group may be slightly less staid than previously............

In bed by 11.30 pm.


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