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February 23rd 2012
Published: February 28th 2012
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Sat at breakfast for a while and had a chat with one of the new couples joining the group. After flying directly into La Paz - which is quite high - some of the new arrivals haven't yet acclimatised to the altitude and appear to still be suffering.

We walked to take a look at San Pedro Prison which, apparently, is unique in that there are no guards and is self-regulated by the inmates. The guide book says there are 4 deaths a month, either by accident or violence it doesn't say! Inmates' children live in the prison with their father as there is nowhere else for them to go but are allowed to come and go as they please but they rarely leave as there is nobody else to look after them. Apparently, depression amongst the inmates' family living in is quite high..... We walked past the main gate and watched the visitors arranging to get in while the prisoners waited behind a huge barred gate for friends and families.

Following the above, we found a little coffee shop attached to the main post office - Bolivia's answer to Starbucks! - and each had a cappucino. Jo had a cappucino light which, unaccountably, is more expensive by about 20p than one with normal milk! We actually fancied a frappucino but Jo managed to ask in Spanish whether the ice was made from tap water or mineral water and when the answer was 'tap water' we thought it best to have a boiled drink!

We huffed and puffed our way back up to the hotel where Jo bought a new cloth bag for 4GBP in some touristy centre to replace the Peruvian bag which now had a broken zip. It was only required to carry waterproofs as the weather is so unpredictable due to it being the rainy season. Perhaps it will last as far as Chile!

Picked out a god restaurant on Trip Advisor. However, jo felt sick and unwell
with her everlasting cold and cough and we didn't think it worthwhile spending
money with one of u s not wanting to eat much so walked down the road to the
coffee shop where we had drunk such a nice cappuccino earlier and We both had
soup (from a packet). Ed ate two saltenas and Jo had an extremely Bolivian
omelette -a nice cheap evening. Jo has now started on amoxycillin!

Early to bed again.......


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