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October 4th 2011
Published: October 4th 2011
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So yesterday i waited all day till 9pm to catch my bus, goes to the terminal and gets told that due to protests and blockades the bus would not be leaving!!! This is not my week. So i put on my bag and headed to a hostal about a 10 min walk away, and to make things worse it was horrible! just a bed in a room which is ok. But no showers! Had to have a strip wash with cold water in the sink in the kitchen, and at night its nearly freezing here so that was not pleasant! I actually cant remember the last time i had a hot shower, it must be nearly 3 weeks. My room was right next to the toilets and i was awoken at 5.30 am by people grebing in the toilets, now i dont know if im wierd but i dont feel the need to be so disgusting about clearing my throat in a morning honestly it made me feel sick and this went on for at least 3 hours, why why o why! I then tried to get out of bed and i nearly fell over i was in agony, couldnt hardly put any weight on my left foot! Just thought it was cramp so i walked 10 mis to the bus station to see if buses were running today, thankfully they were! I called my travel agency to see if it was possible to get a later flight to oz because i would have to miss out sucre and potosi and most of chile because im so far behind but it wasnt possible! I then called my mum n dad for a chat which was nice and headed back to the hostal to pick my bag up. I then had to walk back uphill with my bag to the trainstation, and i was in sooooo much pain! I dropped my bag off and went to buy my ticket to uyuni, FULL. I then started panicing, next one... FULL then i was really on edge! Luckily on my 4th or 5th attempt i got a seat and was soooo happy!. My mum told me i should go to the docs about my foot, so i set off to find one. The 1st one didnt speak english nor did the 2nd one and the 3rd one was having a snooze when i got there so i decided to call it a day. I{ll see how it is tomorrow after my 14 hour bus ride and might go to hospital if its no better. Oh yes its been a great week. I then went for lunch at the same place as yesterday because it was ok, unfortunately the waiter took this the wrong way and thought id come back to see him he was saying he was off tomorrow if i wanted to meet up i was like nooooooooooo. So i ate my dinner as fast as i could inbetween him asking if i wanted him to be my guide and if i would give him my number etc then i did one as fast as my gammy foot would take me. So here i am again in the bus station passing time... i just really hope the bus leaves tonight, because i havent broken down for the whole trip as yet even in the shitty jungle where things got really tough but it might just tip me over the edge!!!


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