Copacabana and the Isla Del Sol

Published: June 16th 2012
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Am currently on a bus out of bolivia have absosmurfly loved my time here with the muskateers!

Our last few days in the outrageously high up country with really short people and very little air, were spent in the lakside town of copacobana, at 3900 metres. Lake titicaca, apart from having an immense name, is the highest lake in the world (or something). We had a lush hostel here, the only downside was that our room was on the third floor which absolutely slayed us! Almost passed out at the top! The room was freezing but the beds were great, and they had a tv room with shloads of dvds. We were still knackered from our pampas tour, and drinks afterwards, so we went for a wonder and had some mexican food, got some sweets and came back to watch the immortals. George fell asleep pretty prontissimo but me and em quite enjoyed it.

<br style="color:񑘕 font-family: 'lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif; font-size: 11px; line-height: 14px; text-align: left;" />We got up quite early this morning to get a ferry over to the isla del sol to trek. At the ferry port two dogs were trying to sex another one, so that was weird to watch, even more so with our commentary. In the end the ferry left and motored into the rainclouds surrounding isla del "sol" and i was so poorly dressed was freezing. It cleared up in the end or the trek tho so thats ok. We didnt really know where to go so we just walked and eventually came to a path, every hour they had checkpoints charging you to go through which we werent particularly fond of! But the viewpoints of the bay and a huge inca buildung ruin were both pretty cool. The building ruins was like a maze so that provided entertainment for as long as our breath let us, ie not long. We then had to walk up a hill, when we thought we had reached the top there was then another one, so that was hard work! We entertained ourselves by playing categories which we all sucked at, especially whilst panting. Finally we reached the end and got some cookies as a prize, yay! Got the ferry back and went to get some trout or trucha as they say. Em ordered it by sayimg "que se era trois trucha limon please." incorporating three languages into one sentence which confused the woman! They were only 20 bolivianos (2 pounds) each and were amazing. Me and george then entertained ourselves by commenting peoples thoughts as they walked past, was hilarious! We also kept getting stuck into doing essex accents...... Not very well but gave us some lols

So on the bus from Copacobana to Arequipa in peru now (as im writing this) with shloads of smelly bolivian women who look like they are moving house with all the stuff they have!

Anyways only a few blogs left after this so savour it......

CiaoLove hecticXxxxxxxx


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