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November 26th 2012
Published: November 30th 2012
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Moved on to Bolivia this afternoon and said goodbye to Peru. It’s been an amazing month in this country

I’ve seen, climbed into and wandered around enough Inca ruins to last me a life time.

The people are beautiful, colourful and amazingly friendly.

The Landscape, wow; vivid blue skies, barren deserts, lush green valleys, glaciers, mountains and canyons.

I’ve camped on stunning beaches, stayed as a guest in a local Peruvian home, slept out under the stars in the desert, been hidden deep behind majestic city walls, fallen asleep high into the clouds and awoken to the Pacific Ocean.

I’ve hiked, swam, wandered, been lost and found, smiled and laughed till my face hurt, jogged around stone formations and along beautiful beaches, jumped off of a bridge, danced and more, I’m a very very lucky girl.

I’m excited for the rest of the trip, from here on in its all new; I expect Bolivia will bring a change of pace, scenery and culture. Bring it on!

Lake Titicaca – 27.11.12

From Cusco we headed south to the shore of Lake Titicaca after an overnight stay in Puno and a quick touristy trip around the bay it was time to leave Peru and head over the boarder to Bolivia.

Border crossing completed without mishap – lots more queues and form filling, some standing around in the sunshine – passport stamped for 30days entry and a walk under a archway and I’m in. A short drive from the boarder sits the lake side town of Copacabana and home for the next couple of nights

The run down, ramshackle colonial hotel sat meters from the shore, and as the sun was setting we took to the water in duck and swan shaped pedalos, a bottle of rum and lots of hearty pirate calls….sometimes you’ve just gotta go pirate.

Early then next morning we set off across the lake (this time on a proper non duck shaped motor boats, mores the pity) to the Isla del Sol.

Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and once you’re out on it its pretty hard to remember that you’re still on a lake, the water stretches on in every direction and it’s easy to think that you’re out on the ocean. The Isla del Sol lay a calm 2 hour boat ride from Copacabana, after reaching the north port on the island we disembarked for a trek up, over and around the island, taking in some local historical sites and lots of amazingly beautiful views. A couple of hours and 14ks later we reached the south port of the island and the end of the trek, where an lovely hour was spent, drinking cold beer, eating hot chips and skimming stones out over the lake before meeting the boat for the return journey to the mainland.

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Climbing out of ruins

30th November 2012

Wow! It certainly looks like you had a fantastic time! I am so looking forward to going there myself. Will be waiting for your Bolivia blogs. :)
30th November 2012

Love it!
Lake Titicaca! I was never really sure if such a place existed, it is such a fun name to say it sounds like something made up. However, it looks beautiful - I am loving your blog and your pictures. I'm sharing some of them with work colleagues who are all very jealous. Enjoy xx Christine

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