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September 24th 2011
Published: September 24th 2011
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After my jungle adventure I booked on a 3 day tour to the Pampas, we set off on the most torturous car journey every which was 3 hours in an izuzu trooper with no air con and no suspension on a bumpy, very bumpy dirt track!!! We stopped off for lunch half way which sort of broke it up a bit but it was still pants! After the journey we then got on our boat, i was very lucky there were only 3 people in our group so it was quite cool. We set off down the river and saw an abundance of wildlife, i wouldnt be exaggarating if i said there was an allegator avery 20 meters... probably more. We saw loads of different kinds of birds and capibarra... really awesome! We stopped to pick our cook up on the way who was on a boat going the opposite way so our guide stopped the boat and was about to help her on when disaster struck and our boat shot off and he ended up in the water with the allegators... it was quite funny! We got to the camp and had dinner then lazed in the hammocks for a while when darkness fell we headed back out in the boat armed with flash lights... the allegators are scary at night they come right up to the boat and all you can see is their eyes shining... very creepy!
The next day i got up ill... again!! another handful of immodium sorted me out though and we went off in search of anacondas! Our guide told us our chances were slim as it was fairly cold and cloudy and the anacondas only come out when its sunny but after an our or so we struck gold and saw one... he was only small well a few meters in length but he was beautiful. We saw tracks of a huge one but never found him, the guide said he could have been 10m in length!
In the afternoon we decided to go and try and find the dolphins which we did with relative ease, the guide told us we could swim with them we looked around and there were at least 10 allegators in the vicinity but we thought what the hell, worse that the allegators was the fast the water was dark brown and you couldnt see what was swimming round you and touching the bottom was pretty scary cos you didnt know what was down there either! You couldnt see how colse you were to the dolphins but every now and again they´d surface next to us... it was amazing. then one gor brave and swam straight up to me and but his head on my belly so i could stroke his nose... it was bloody amazing! Then he got a bit cheeky and went under the water and started biting my legs.... i knew full well it was the dolphin but i´ll be honest a moment of panic came over me thinking about the allegators and thinking it could be one of them munching on my leg instead of the dolphin! We swam with them for a good hour then headed back for a shower. We went out in the boat after to a bar on the river side and watched fit israilis play volleyball sand football! An early night and in the morning we went pirahna fishing... our guide was obviously a dab hand aand he caught loads i managed to catch a frigging sardine and the other two none! Lunch was pasta and the pirahnas our guide had caught i obviously didnt have any but the little fuckers still looked well mean even when burnt to a crisp! I´ve now got a few days till my flight back to la paz so im hoping to get some sunbathing in because iv somehow managed to end up whiter than when i got here! x


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