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October 1st 2010
Published: October 11th 2010
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Sept 27-Oct 1st It was really nice seeing John at the airport when I arrived. THe altitude of La Paz considering it is the highest capital in the world didnt affect me like I had assumed it would. I did purchase a coca cola which helps and John and I after getting my luggage had a cab waiting for us who would take us to the Maryknoll in La Paz. The cab driver was stoked to know that I spoke so... Read Full Entry

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Dead AnacondaDead Anaconda
Dead Anaconda

I believe
Sweet BridgeSweet Bridge
Sweet Bridge

Me gusta
Looks like an Anaconda was hereLooks like an Anaconda was here
Looks like an Anaconda was here

remains of a Vaca or a cow
Spooky scenerySpooky scenery
Spooky scenery

Wouldnt want to be there at night
Rattle snakeRattle snake
Rattle snake

Couldnt get too close
Unknown birdUnknown bird
Unknown bird

Another HawkAnother Hawk
Another Hawk

Of a different breed
Black HawkBlack Hawk
Black Hawk

Thanks for the pose
Wasp NestWasp Nest
Wasp Nest

If one stings you supposedly you have a fever for 2 days
Another BridgeAnother Bridge
Another Bridge

A bridge too far
Sweet LizardSweet Lizard
Sweet Lizard

Me gusta tambien
Scene of the PampasScene of the Pampas
Scene of the Pampas

Picture from a horse
The PampasThe Pampas
The Pampas

Looks like sleepy hollow
Unknown Blue BirdUnknown Blue Bird
Unknown Blue Bird

Like him/her
Unidentified Turtle Egg eaterUnidentified Turtle Egg eater
Unidentified Turtle Egg eater

Looks like a racoon or something
Black howler monkey Black howler monkey
Black howler monkey

Or something monkey for sure
Large Snail shellLarge Snail shell
Large Snail shell

Almost as big as my hand
Las PampasLas Pampas
Las Pampas

Pic from near ground
John in brushJohn in brush
John in brush

Weird ground...
The Amazon JungleThe Amazon Jungle
The Amazon Jungle

Looks like Jurassic park

15th October 2010

Unreal Pix
Just now being able to view your pictures that you said you sent about a week ago. What an incredible mix of animals that was! I'm lovin' that Watson bird, the look on its face just cracks me up. What is that thing? And that hamster looking thing, what in the world? How does that survive, the one wading in the water by itself? Jeez! The only crocodile I have ever seen live were at the zoo, and that boat you were in, that was so risky, what are you thinking? Breat pictures of the piranha, before and after...I love that welcome sign, you may need to hang that up on the wall too! Very cool! John's picture with the guppy is hilarious! Be well, be smart. Love Dad.
17th October 2010

Great Pics! That is absolutely amazing! Wish I was there.
19th October 2010

yee my cameras awesome!
I need to catch up on my blog ahhhhhhhhhh!

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