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January 13th 2009
Published: September 30th 2017
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Geo: -34.9292, -57.96015:00 AM - something lands on my legs. Did Wade throw something at me as a joke? Nope ... he was still sleeping ... thinking nothing of it, I went back to sleep. 5:30 AM - the lower half of my bed is soaked - WTF??? I reach down and feel a piece of ice - ice had formed on the air conditioning unit, and fallen on me, which is what I felt land on my legs at 5:00 AM. Now it... Read Full Entry

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A few blocks away from the Pasaje Dardo Roche was Confiteria Paris, a perfect place for a "light" lunch.

Ha made a good call by suggesting we sit by the window - watching the Argentinean hotties stroll by was a highlight of the meal ... and just so there is no confusion, the hotties I am referring to do not include Ben!

Funny - inside the cafe was mostly senior citizens; it was fairly early for lunch by Argentinean standards, so perhaps we would get an early-bird special? Feeling ill, I had a very sour, fresh grapefruit juice. Our "light" lunch turned out to be quite heavy - reading the menu, everything sounded like simple sandwiches and salads - wrong!

My massive Italiana sandwich was filled with bland and tough grilled beef, cheese, fried eggs, roasted red peppers, and tomato, all served on an interesting flat bread. The fries were less greasy than the ones you find in Chile, and were actually quite crisp. Despite the mediocre beef, it was still great value at $7 CAD, and was WAY better than any of the monstrosities that Chileans call sandwiches.

An even better value was the cortados - part of the strategy of having lunch here was to sample some of the yummy-looking pastries that were on display. That strategy was obliterated to hell once those massive sandwiches came out! But, the cortados were served with a couple of little pastries, and a little glass of mineral water to go with the strong coffee. We were given an apple pastry that a had a wonderful, sweet crust. This could've been better had the dough been flakier. The other had a texture a lot like a butterfly cookie, but was filled with jam. The pastries were better than the sandwiches, and were excellent with the great cortados.

Casa de Gobierno, I think ... La Plata was a bit of a blur!

There were some nice paintings in the Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts).

Not to be sacrilegious, but this looks more like Brad Pitt than Jesus!

Unique Argentinean garbage can that looks more like a spider than anything else.

I had one last bottle of wine that I had purchased on this tour, a Carmine Granata Malbec, that I didn't want to haul around in my backpack, so Ben, R&D came up to my room to drink it. R&D DEFINITELY needed it, after all the bank hassles they've been going through today.

Dinner at Bice kicked off with some warm pizza bread, served with herb-infused olive oil.

There was also a basket of cold foccaccia bread - smothered in cheese, onions, and bell peppers, this could've been as good as the pizza bread had it also been warmed in the oven.

After today's stomach troubles, I opted for a relatively light dinner - raviolacci, prepared with basil and prosciutto, in a light tomato sauce. Very nice, as the pastas used in the dishes here are freshly-prepared on site. I skipped dessert tonight, but had a spoonful of Ben's gelato.

This would be last time all five of us dined together in South America ... sniff ... sniff ...

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