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December 21st 2018
Published: December 21st 2018
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Ready For the Drake PassageReady For the Drake PassageReady For the Drake Passage

Musto waterproof windproof Antarctica sailing suit (purchased from England) with knee high muck boots.

The countdown clock keeps ticking. Now only 41 days until flying to Buenos Aires and I am still as excited as the first day I got accepted! This trip is causing major planning, organizing and purchasing. All of my flights and hotels have been reserved. My voyage has been paid for. I purchased extensive travel insurance for trip, luggage, medical, emergency medical evacuation and life. I got my required immunizations for typhoid fever and flu. My previous immunizations for yellow fever, et al are still good. I have been busy buying Antarctica waterproof/windproof sailing gear, clothes, cameras/cases/batteries/memory cards, water resistant duffel bags & backpack, seasickness meds, goggles, you name it. As the saying goes, "You can do anything with gloves on!" Purchased 4 pairs of waterproof gloves with varying degrees of warmth & dexterity for different activities like hiking, furling/unfurling sails, navigating, sailing & iceberg watches. Bark Europa gave me an extensive packing list and said to have collapsable luggage as there is little storage onboard. So, I purchased 2 duffel bags that I had to modify for the airlines by cutting off the carrying/backpack straps and sewing on re-attachable clips. Now the straps are removable so they don't get
Alien Invasion!Alien Invasion!Alien Invasion!

Hi UV protected & polarized Antarctica goggles.
caught up in the airline equipment. Just hope there is room for all of my stuff, including 21 pairs of underwear that Europa recommends! Ha! Also have to stay under 50 pounds for each duffel bag. I am in the process of sewing cloth name tags onto every clothing item I am taking so they don't get mixed up with other sailors' stuff. There is a washer & dryer onboard but they can't be used when the ship is heeled over in rough seas. They said they hope to be able to do at least one load of laundry in the nearly 2 months I am gone. Yikes! Smelly crew?!? Better like man scent (there will be women, too)! LOL! Read where it is nearly impossible to shower while sailing in rough waters as the shower water hits the bulkheads instead of you and it's difficult to keep your balance at the same time. That's the main reason I am growing a beard and not shaving on the ship. Don't know what I am going to do without my hair dresser! 😊 Going to look like a real "old salt" upon my return. OMG, I will be changing into a
Rosaslovian Changes Into An "Old Salt"Rosaslovian Changes Into An "Old Salt"Rosaslovian Changes Into An "Old Salt"

What I envision I will look like when I return from the voyage of lifetime. Ha! Beer gut, GONE! (Thanks sister B for the recent photo she took of "Iceman" in the northern Italian Alps)
real old salt with hopefully some fantastic sea stories to boot! Change is good, right?

β€œIt is not the strongest of the species that survives,not the most intelligent that survives.It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” ― Charles Darwin


23rd December 2018

Again, OMG!
You are such a good writer! You manage to get everyone excited and tremulous with you!
26th December 2018

Again, OMG
Yes, OMG! Thanks, you are too kind.
3rd January 2019

I got a flashback of you in DBs cabin w her underwear drying all around you as she cut your hair on a long sailing venture... for sure we need "after" pics, before you see Mark and he fixes you all up!
4th January 2019

Haircare Flashback
OMG...thanks a lot for the memory flasher, especially the repressed vision of the drying panties! To avoid such a situation this voyage, I am taking a small rechargeable cordless clippers. Without my dream hairdresser as the weeks advance, I WILL be turning into a real old salt before the crew's eyes.
10th January 2019

questioning his sanity
you are crazy. the trip sounds adventurous enough, but not being able to wash you underwear?? that's uncivilized. be sure to take pictures when you get off the boat. I want to see the old salt look!!
12th January 2019

What sanity???
Yes, agree, crazy is putting it mildly! I figure no more difficult than growing up on a farm with a large family! Will need to take Depends for sure! Ha! Luckily, I will be able to do sink clothes washing if necessary.
11th January 2019

2 Entries
Superb 1st 2 entries
12th January 2019

Superb Lasagna
Thanks, Farmer! As Jonny Cakes has often said, "What's better than normal sex? Having Lizonya." >>>>>>>>>>
9th February 2019

take pics!
Yes, I want to see you as an "old salt" too.... take pics!! Hope you will be able to do some laundry!! And wash up!! Phew!!! That would be smelly!! LOL

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