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December 14th 2006
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Gordo told us to take a taxi to a watertower and then ¨just walk into the woods...¨ a little uncertain, we keep walking further and further...and then, down a steep hill and on the edge of the cliff on the edge of the world sat the boys... our new home for a few days!
¨The secret is to be silent, look North, toward immense America,
and decode what the wind tells you.
Galloping, shouts of the Indian raider cutting throats, gunshots, brandy festivities.
The dew. The inevitable calm.
Cries of captive women sounding like orgasms.
Later, allow yourself to become possessed.
Reincarnate in the ferocity of the Indian Guaicaiperu
Listen to the lemanjä, to Ochum, to Obatalä.
Take in the mysticism and idealism of the murals of Mexico and then switch, adapting them to the current commercialism, codes in this senseless global village--Armani-Dolce and Gabbana-missiles to Belgrade-virtual reality.
Fighting with a bare machete.
Feel yourself among the followers of the prophet Marti.
Feel you´re Maradona!
Drink a midday caipirinha until the sun goes down.
Gather a group to sing in restaurants: cuatro, maracas, guitar and harp.
Go to play with ghosts of the siesta living in forests of the Paraguayan Chaco.
Feel the intensity of a mad love: rojaiju, guarani, cuñatai...
Pop Latino: A tottering shopping center of painted cardboard lashed by Patagonian winds.
Pop Latino: I exchange the deep terracotta of High Plateau America for Tahitian red, calypso green, or scarlet red.
Color of the cars in Maracaibo.
To work with visual stock phrases
Fin del MundoFin del MundoFin del Mundo

The tip of the world. We´re crazy.
and risk taking the obvious route: closeup, wide angle, background, social message.
A touch of humor and a certain lightness in the gaze.
Avoid whimpering for fear of weeping to death.
It´s not your fault the world is so ugly, says Manu Chau in a fashionable record.
I say like the bolero:
Ï go home and you´re not there.
I look for you.
You´re no longer there.¨
-Pop Latino by Marcos Lopez


15th December 2006

Please keep sending have know idea the feeling of reading this while you are sitting in Alabama at a computer....Yall are living life, the best way it should be lived.

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