Photos from Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz, Argentina, South America

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English medecine chest for Patagonian farmers circa 1900
Glyptodon fossil
Belt driven shearing machines
Cormo vs Suffolk wool
All sheep get a dose of this stuff
Inside the shearing shed
The front steps
Glass house
Glass house squash
Glass house tomatoes
Tree living with the wind
Vegetable garden
Monica's peas
Poplar tree
The old oak tree
Cormo Argentino is the Breed developed by John Blake
Coming into the garden
Houses and offices at the farm, behind a creek.
Hidden valley with horses and stud rams.
Cormo stud rams, and a Suffolk stud.
Low tide at the cliff just down from the Farm House
Main settlement of Killik Aike farm, in a valley which opens North
The main house at Killik Aike farm.
Magellan or Upland Goose
At the front door
Old tractor
Old hay maker with shearing shed in background
In the Garden
Looking out from the sunroom
Steve working on another solar powered pump, at a spring
When the water fails, or the foxes pounce...
Old telephone in shepherd's cottage
Inside the shepherd's cottage
Old shepherd's cottage
Valley with sheep grazing
A herd of guanaco crossing from one paddock to another
Steve looking over the solar powered water pump system
The main lawn, looking out at the farm from the house.
Plaque marking renewal of the 1904 house in 1944
Striped Bittern
Rose in front garden
patagonica cordero
dique florentino abherghino
mate (pronounce mat-eh)
tea party
in the desert
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