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South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Puerto Deseado January 8th 2015

The last blog I wrote our plan was to drive to Monte Leon....change of plan! Sean and I were driving along solving all the worlds problems:) (kids napping) when we saw a huge sign saying Puerto Deseado 120km with a picture of Rockhopper Penguins, we look at each other and said let's do it! Yahoooooo ...this was an unforgettable experience! Roxana, Ricado and Javier at Darwin Expeditions were so gracious, letting us park in their parking lot as well as plugging in. They were amazing with the children, Max made instant buddies with our guide Freddy .......he pegged him as a human Rockhopper penguin(so true) We left for Isla de Pinguino at 8am , as we were floating out of the river to the Atlantic Ocean we saw both Commerson and Austral Dolphins. The Commerson dolphins ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Puerto Deseado December 17th 2011

Argentina's Patagonian coastline is not particularly renowned, to put it mildly, for its cultural wealth. For the most part, it is a windswept and desolate place dotted with plug-ugly petrol towns and gritty (the word guidebooks tend to use to make "plain awful" sound interesting) ports. There are a few notable exceptions to this rule and Ría Deseado is certainly one of them. Located south of the "gritty" oil boomtown of Comodoro Rivadavia - a dive of a place with precious little to recommend it other than a café which served nice medialunas (Argentine croissants, healthily soaked in sugar syrup) - Ría Deseado was formed, as all rias are, when the coastal valley of the Rio Deseado river was flooded by rising seas, producing a broad, saltwater estuary. Rias are found all over the place (there ... read more
Chilean Dolphin in Ria Deseado
Commerson's Dolphin in Ria Deseado
Nesting cormorants, Ria Deseado

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Puerto Deseado November 26th 2009

A little off the beaten track but worth it for sea lions, penguins and commerson´s dolphins. It´s somewhat quiet, you can count the other tourists on one hand. Plus the beer is getting expensive and the locals are staring a bit. We were advised not to bother, but we´re glad we did, well we think we are. The wildlife is comparable to Peninsula Valdes, but we won´t be back for the nightlife.... read more
On Peguin Island
Darwin Tours (boats in the background)
Sea Lions on the Rio Deseado

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Puerto Deseado March 3rd 2009

Leaving Buenos Aires after five days was harder than i expected at first, but my first Argentine bus made up for it: an overnight cruise in coche ejecutivo changed all my views on travelling by bus (mind you, i already liked travelling by bus before). A waiter, blanket, pillow, fully reclining seat, drinks and snacks kept me entertained on my road to Viedma, a fairly uninteresting town. Luckily it has a nice municipal camping by the river, and a magnificent, dodgy ferry can take you to the other side of Rio Negro, where Carmen de Patagones welcomes you with old buildings, steep streets and fine river sights. I undertook some minor city exploration, which made me feel like Clint Eastwood entering a sleepy town. Later on, i attempted drawing and i succesfully washed my clothes before ... read more

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Puerto Deseado December 13th 2008

As you travel through South America you are constantly on what is termed the "Gringo Trail." There is a steady stream of travelers heading to the exact same cities in the same order for nearly the same amount of time. Yeah, some people have to move faster, others take their time, some people skip cities, but in general the trail is well worn by everyone, like it or not. You are constantly running into the same people time and again, it gets to be pretty ridiculous at times. There are a few places where you can get off the beaten path (e.g. taking a rental car down Ruta 40), and Puerto Deseado was definitely one of those places. (By the way, this is only the third travelblog ever on the city, which makes me feel a ... read more
Magellanic Colony
Group Think
Giving the evil eye

South America » Argentina » Santa Cruz » Puerto Deseado January 9th 2007

It was an interesting journey to Puerto Deseado. As we got on the bus at San Julian you could sense the other travellers thinking “why have they got on here, where have they been?” But when we got off the bus at the dot on the map labelled Fitz Roy they must have been thinking we are rather strange with a wild sense of adventure. Getting off the bus was a daunting sight as all we could see was the flat monotony of the Patagonian countryside going on as far as the eye could see, and the endless straight road disappearing to the horizon. As the bus pulled away a tiny one street village was revealed and we were to wait at the miniature general store for a connecting bus. Now connecting buses are all well ... read more
A scary sight when you get off the bus
A breezy boat ride
The BBC own a boat in Argentina?

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