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March 19th 2012
Published: March 19th 2012
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Top up with Spectro OilTop up with Spectro OilTop up with Spectro Oil

Dont forget to put the oil cap back on!!
Hi all, here we are in Salta, the second biggest city in Argentina, we are here for two nights, mostly to recover from a lot of red wine, dust, huge lunches and a heap of fun.

The little cars are going just great, except in the high altitude (was that a surprise? -Not).

We have done a bit of maintainance here at the hotel, we have checked for loose nuts and bolts, greased king Pins and oiled knife blades. I have secured my battery, Paul has changed a jet into carburettor! to a smaller one, so hopefully he will handle the high altitude an bit more efficiently.

Yesterday, we all checked our Spectro oil, before leaving Cafayate, and I stupidly did not lock down the filler cap (we all have to do this once!) so as I picked up speed leaving town the car filled with blue smoke, as it pumped the oil up under the bonnet and dripped back down over the motor, lucky I stopped real quick, but I still had a bloody mess to clean up, the girls walked back away to see if they could find the oil strainer that blew out somewhere, but
All having funAll having funAll having fun

Allan, Tony, Paul, Raewyn and Melean.
with no success, so I think a visit to the super marked for a pot scouring thingy will have to surfice untill we find a dead 2CV on the side of the road.

We have put a lot of smiles onto many peoples faces as we putter through the country side, from big hairy truck drivers to farmers riding their donkeys, and kids on scooters, they all flash their lights, and wave frantically at us.

When we pull in for gas, we are swamped with curious folk, all with cameras out to take photos, when they find out where we came from and where we are going, they either think we are very brave or "Loco"

The group dynamics are just great, we all help each other through any difficulties, especially when it comes to helping Allan empty a bottle of red wine.

We have had time to have some nice lunches on the way, and still arrive at our destination each day in reasonable time.

We will make the most of this rest day, as tomorrow we head over the Paso Jama to San Pedro de Atacama where we will meet up with Linton and Heather from the UK. They will come with us through Bolivia and onto Machu Picchu, finally leaving us in Arequipa.

I am looking forward to meeting up with Cory at Uyuni.

So we will be on the Dark Side of the Moon for the next week or so, as we venture into Bolivia. This section will really be a BIG challenge for all of us, including the little Citroenetta's.

I have time to do this blog aseveryone has gone shopping!!

Cheers for now,


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Conti BearConti Bear
Conti Bear

Looking out for Rocky Bear..
Foley the turtleFoley the turtle
Foley the turtle

Turtle Wax Foley checking out the view.
Now this is niceNow this is nice
Now this is nice

Citroen Air Cross

21st March 2012

Where's Allan's mascot??
Hi Dad, you left your mascot behind!! (ME!!) Looks like a true adventure, wish I could be there with you. The Kids are also loving the informative blog coverage , it's so wonderful to see you in the photos doing something only many could dream of. Safe driving. Love Tracey
28th March 2012

Oil filler cap
Looks like you're having another great adventure with all that red wine, dust, huge lunches and a heap of fun. I can imagine all the people coming out to see those little 2CVs going down the road. Maybe you could put a small chain onto the oil filer cap so if it comes off again at least you won't loose it.

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