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March 4th 2012
Published: March 13th 2012
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Salta RaftingSalta RaftingSalta Rafting

A suave and sophisticated look.....
Last cooking for a few days!! We woke up and put the kettle on. We had to borrow matches from another group staying on site as our matches were inexplicably wet (although it probably didn't help that someone had left them out in the rain after partying all night). Kumuka Overland was staying here and we took the opportunity to have a nose around their bus which was much bigger and cleaner and totally differently organised inside. We cut fruit for a fruit salad - including the leftover melon from lunch time and the uncooked bananas from the night before. We toasted stale bread on the gas burners and then basically sat raround most of the day not doing too much which was actually quite nice. Ed went white-water rafting at 3.30 pm but Jo opted out as we were told it went up to a level 4 in places and that wouldn't have suited her! Jo took pictures of Ed and the group in all the gear: wet suits, life jackets, helmets and shoes for the water. It all seemed very well organised. There was a rescue canoe both at the front and back and a rescue dog in a
Salta RaftingSalta RaftingSalta Rafting

Row, row, row the boat.....
lifejacket in one of the rafts with a very experienced crew member on each raft who clearly had done the route countless times. The water wasn't actually as fierce as was expected so Ed had an enjoyable time and no-one fell overboard.

A barbecue followed at 8ish. This was OK but the meat was more than a little chewy and salads were limited and nothing really for the 9 vegetarians on our group. It started to rain just before the meal so we had to rush to gather in the towels and other bits which we had hung over the tent to dry. Not sure whether these are now wetter than when they were first hung up!

And so to bed ..


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