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July 21st 2010
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The only thing missing when we got off the bus was tumbleweed crossing the roads.. We were in the "west", up in the mountains of Andes at 1660m.
The plan was to get off, and take a new bus to Salta the same evening. But when we got off, the silence was so appealing that we decided to stay for just one night..
By the way, one night became three.
We found a cosy small hospedaje "Casa de husped" (look this up), driven by a very attentive "mother", her daughter and the son in law.
The were all wonderful people!!
We meet a Danish girl named Ana, whom we quickly made good contact with.
She had gotten som recommendations from the house hosts about where to eat (cheap and good).. So we agreed on going together the same night.
We trawled the streets away from the city centre, and came to a parilla/Bbq (garage was it?).
The Grill Master, a huge man with a ateady hand, were grilling LARGE amounts of beef.
For about 90 peso (150kr), we got 4 big steaks and, salad and a litre of wine - MUY ECONOMICO!!
And, this is one of the best beefs I've ever tasted! So tender!
But, do not think for one minute that you will get anything else than a chunk of meat on your plate..
It feels weird, just eating meat, and no rise or potato at the side.
Thomas though, was smiling his head off!

The next day, Ana had heard of a town nearby (San Carlos) where a rancher rented out horses at a reasonable price (40 peso pr hour).
We decided to rake a ride through the landscape for a couple of hours..
OHM, I laughed when Thomas had acsended the horse!! His legs were almost touching the ground while seated.
I was not the only one laughing, one of the "stable boys" had to turn around and hide his face, he was laughing so much!!
The ride was fantastic, at least the landscape! My horse didn't want to gallop, and boy - I never heard the end of that story!
Thomas (as the good samaritan that he is...) just wouldn't let it go!! His horse, of course galloped as soon as he kicked with his legs. This because his legs were actually placed far below the belly of the horse!!

The next day we decided to go by bus to "La garganta del diablo" (The devils throat). A rock formation which is very famous for Cafayate.
It lies 40km from the city, and you can rent a bike to bring on the bus, so you can cycle back again..
Well, we didn't (we were to late)
We decided to go as far as we could, since Lonely Planet said there was no problem to hail down a bus on the way back..
Well, it was a BIG problem!!
After walking 5km (to a area called "Tres cruses") we were determined to wait until the next Flechabus arrived, and hail it down.
So we did, but the god damned bus didn't stop!
He went by at full speed..
We were in the middle of nowhere.
We knew that the next bus would arrive more or less two hours later. There was just one thing to do, start walking againg!
Of course we had packed alot of water, just in case.
5 km later we came to a tiny village (Sta Barbara) where we asked around for the "timetable" of the bus - one hour to go..
The feet where aching, we were covered with dust and hungry!
Finally, 15 min (mas y menos) after scheduled, the bus came - AND STOPPED!
This time, we waved more frantically than ever before cause we didn't want to end up in the middle of nowhere after sunset!

Alot of good memories from this walk (in retrospect).. That's the great thing about travelling!! Something always happens, never a dull day!!!

Anyways, we departed the next day for Salta - where we were to hop on a new bus and head up the high mountains to the border of Bolivia (at app. 3400m)

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Look at Thomas' legs!!!Look at Thomas' legs!!!
Look at Thomas' legs!!!

The cowboys who rented out these horses, really struggled not to laugh at Thomas when he finally got seated!!

3rd August 2010

O´my god. Dette ser jo halt fantastisk ut.. Spennende og veldig göy. he he hva da lange ben på heste bilde vitti:) Håper alt går som det skal og dere koser dere glugg i hjel. vi har 84 deger igjen jippi 49 av dem med jobb:) tidenes dårligate somme hjemme i norge så dere vet. love Elaine

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