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South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate April 2nd 2022

Bonjour à tous, La voiture une Volkswagen Suran, c'est un genre de Golf, elle doit être rentabilisée avec 128 000 km au compteur. Par rapport aux épaves qu'on voit circuler, elle est neuve. Il ne doit pas y avoir de contrôle technique, car certaines on dues faire pas mal de séances de stockcar. L'hôtel hier au soir, dans une ancienne maison coloniale aménagée en hôtel, les jardins étaient magnifiques. Devinez qui j'avais comme voisins de chambre, mon parigot et sa péronnelle. Hier au soir on se croise, on échange quelques mots sur la journée, nous avons fait le même parcours, et je ne sais lequel des deux, me dit: bien, mais il y a que des paysages à voir, je me suis retenu de dire si vous aviez bien regardez, à droite de la montagne, après ... read more
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South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate July 21st 2016

The Cafayate (CAH-fah-SCHA-tay, as the Argentinians pronounce it) valley is one of the finest wine regions in Argentina. There are around 20 public bodegas (wine factories) in and around town; the valley floor and surrounding hills are covered in vineyards. The 4 hour bus ride from Salta was stunningly beautiful, especially in the tight, broken valley (Quebrada del Río de Las Conchas) about 20 km before Cafayate, with moonlike eroded rock formations like parts of the American West. It's possible to return to do tours and treks, or to rent a bike and ride there from Cafayate, with proper bike trails part of the way. The town itself isn't much- mainly a cluster around route 40 that's a hub for tourists and bodegas. The quality of the wine at the bodegas varies quite a bit- some ... read more
Vineyard with Clouds and Quebrada
Waterfall Trail
Red Rocks

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate July 10th 2015

Hey Bloggers, As it was cold we lay in bed all morning, just reading and using the Internet, we got up to grab the free breakfast though (bread, jam, coffee, juice). For lunch we went to ‘la casa de empanadas’, an empanada restaurant, which had 12 different ones for 80 pesos, they were Buenisimo!! We bumped into one of the girl’s who was working in the Loki hostel in Salta, we chatted for a while and left her as she was heading back to Salta that night. We then walked 3-4 km to the vineyards that were circled on our map from the hostel. We couldn’t find one of them and another didn’t do any wine tastings so that just left one to do: Quara Finca. It was free at least but we had to go ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate July 9th 2015

Hi Friends and Family, We had a chilled day today, it was the 1816 Argentinian Independence day celebrations today so everything in town was closed including most of the wineries. We went into town for lunch and to watch the horse parades. They were pretty impressive all dressed up in the old 1816 outfits, there must have been well over 300 horses all with women, men and children riding them in formation and cantering. We got lunch from one of the food stands at the parade, we got beef and pork sandwiches, and both were amazing. We walked around the shops (well ones open) and looked at all their different arts and crafts; Vick loved all the hand woven baskets and clay pottery. In the hostel we found a new friend, a stray ginger and white ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate July 8th 2015

Hi Folks, So we got up early this morning as we were leaving Loki hostel in Salta at 8.45am to catch the bus at 0900 as it was 30 mins into town and our coach was at 1030 to Cafayate. We paid our tab bill, which was only about £40 for three nights and all food! We got to town with plenty of time to spare so we got some snacks and water and got to the main bus terminal. It was simple to talk to the driver and show the tickets and soon enough we were on our way. We wanted to stop at Cafayate as it’s well known for wine and goat’s cheese, all my favorites. We arrived in Cafayate about 3pm, we hadn’t booked a hostel but thought we would have a walk ... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate November 25th 2013

Cafayate Bodega (Winelands) We spent an incredible three nights in cafayate on route to bolivia. Cafayate is the second famous Winelands region of Argentina, known for its white torrents grape. We made sure to sample some of the wines and on advice from our super friendly hostel owners, nadine and federer we rented bikes and cycled to Domingo mortelina bodegas which overlooked the entire region and spent the afternoon sampling delicious wines and getting quite tipsy which made the 6km cycle home rather interesting.... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate April 29th 2013

Sad to say...we have less than 2 months left in Buenos here is our last trip in the north-west provinces....but what a trip! We'll have to agree that I book my trips months ahead...playing with the school calendar as soon as I can put my hands on one...summer 2017 anybody? Well, this is Argentina...last year the school was off for the all week of 1st of May. This year, I fly in on Tuesday morning for my little crazy two weeks round-the-world. I show up at school the same Tuesday find out, this year they only have 1st of May, a Wednesday are paid, hotels are sorted out, long distance tickets are in hands....we are going...the school will be off for four more days for Tiffany and Leslie. And all this, with the ... read more
near Cachi...
He wouldn't climb the cactus!
above the clouds...

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate April 8th 2013

It has been a hard long ride from Arequipa in Peru to Cafayate in Argentina. After an early start out of Arequipa, with me leading everyone out of town with Tiny leading from then on. The instructions and briefing was specific that we do not go to Lima, well how come I saw Jack and Rodrigo returning from that direction as I was heading towards Chile??. There is a tricky Y intersection that we had also talked about at the briefing, unbeknown to me Tiny took the right hand fork (as he and Rippa did a couple of years ago) and took most of the guys with him. I spotted Don a little bit down that road and had seen Scratch getting fuel back a few kilometres, so I got Don back on track, but he ... read more
The huge Vista
Road reconstruction in Chile
Rocky and Eric

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate February 8th 2013

Gan neįprasta, bet aš po truputį priprantu prie vietinių nuorodų. Jei kasnors sako, kad Salta labai įdomi vieta, tai nereiškia, kad nuvažiavęs į tą miestą pamatysi kažką įdomaus, miestai čia panašūs. Argentinoje visi didžiausi miestai taip pat yra ir provincijų pavadinimai, tad dažniausiai ir kalbama apie visą provinciją, o ne apie konkretų miestą. Ir net jeigu sako, kad būtinai reikia aplankyti tos provincijos mažą miestelį, tai dar nereiškia, kad miestelis kuo nors įpatingas. Dažnai tiesiog šalia miestelio yra kokia nors lankytina vieta. Taip ir su Cafayate, miestelis labai turistinis ir visi tikrai pasakys, kad turi čia apsilankyti. O mieste jokių stebuklų, tvarkingas nedidelis, turistinis miestelis su panašia kaip visuose miestuose centrine aikšte. Tiesa čia dar aplink miestą nemažai vynuogynš, tad galima dar ir vyninėse apsilankyti. Jostely... read more

South America » Argentina » Salta » Cafayate February 8th 2013

Vakar mane pavežęs vairuotojas parekomendavo aplankyti Quilmes griuvėsius. Tai buvęs inkų miestas kuris ilgiausiai sugebėjo priešintis ispanų kolonizatoriams. Nuo Tafi del Valle iki griuvėsių važiuoju autobusu, kadangi kitų variantų nelabai ir yra. Autobusas išleidžia mane prie pat kelio vedančio iki griuvėsių. Iki pačių grivėsių 5 km, nusprendžiu eiti keliu ir bandau stabdyti pravažiuojančius automobilius. Nuėjus apie 1km sustoja du olandai ir paveža likusius 4 km iki griuvėsių. Savo didžiąją kuprinę palieku prie įėjimo ir einu apžiūrėti griuvėsių. Ištikrūjų tai gal net ir sunku tai pavadinti griuvėsius, tai labiau primena pagal namo kontūrus sudėliotas storas tvoras iš akmenų. Bet vistik idomi vieta, be to ir kraštovaizdis čia neįprastas, daugybė didelių kaktusų kurie man kažkodėl asocijuojasi su Meksika. Kaktusų dydis, kartais s... read more

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