Bariloche and the volcano ash cloud

Published: January 10th 2012
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Flew into Neuquen and hired a car to drive to Bariloche. Approaching Bariloche the ash cloud from the Chilean volcano which created all the plane travel havoc last year is still having an effect on the air quality and visibility depending on the wind direction. Hired mountain bikes and rode around Circuitous Chico (30 kms) up some monster hills that just about killed me but John barely broke out into a sweat! Swims in glacier lakes were welcomed along the way as it was a very warm day. The scenery according to John was brilliant ( g string bathers everywhere) and the vistas were pretty good also. Marguerita's were had at the highest point Punta Panaromias. White water rafted to the Chilean border, visited an Estancia (ranch) and consumed more beef......Visited a black glacier - Tronador. Consumed enough beef to feed a small country, excellent chocolate (hello pimples), Malbec from the Mendoza wine region, local beers, breathed in copious amounts of volcano ash, listened to the Argentinians party well into the night and morning.


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