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March 19th 2012
Published: March 19th 2012
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Having spent our last couple of days in El Calafate just relaxing, doing a bit of laundry here and there and aerating our bags a bit, it was time for the flight back to BA. We had made the decision to sleep somewhere in the airport to save the hassle of finding a hostel (and obviously paying for the hostel), and when we arrived we quickly found a spot where everybody in the airport seemed to be napping so we decided to set up camp there. We soon learned however that log fires are not allowed in airports. We were apparently sat on the exact spot where Carlos Tevez had been sleeping under newspapers for the past however many months since leaving Manchester City.

After about 10 minutes or so we were joined by 2 Argentinean girls who, to be honest, were a tad suspect. I think, from what I could make out, they had left home (as in for good) and one of them I think was wanting to join us on our travels, and I don´t mean like in a spontaneous and friendly´travellers joining up with other travellers´way, it was all a bit weird. After playing cards, talking about random stuff, trying to decipher their accents and sleeping briefly, we, in a roundabout and non-blunt way, managed to persuade them to give up their attempts of hijacking our trip and they left. It was all pretty awkward I´m not gonna lie. They also prevented us from getting any sleep, well we got a bit, but an annoyingly small amount. When we left we got on a bus that supposedly took us near Milhouse Hostel, where i needed to go to collect my yellow fever certificate, instead it took us on an hour long ride to the farthest suburb of Buenos Aires and eventually the bus depot. Crap. Oh well, we had effectively paid 2 pesos (35p) for a tour of the city and we had time to spare so it was no big deal. When we got to Milhouse my yellow fever certificate hadn´t even arrived which was very annoying. I think the airmail service may have replaced their planes with swarms of overweight geese. I don´t think they do the job quite as efficiently.

At about 1ish we caught our bus to Iguazu. The bus was good overall, we were given a cold meal of pizza slice, empanada and ham and cheese sandwich. Although the ham and cheese was so thin, verging on invisible, I could have literally been eating a ghost sandwich. In fact that's what I'm going to tell people now. I've eaten ghost.

After a delicious meal of phantom sandwich, the ´never-consistently-overplayed-on-all-modes-of-transport-hangover-part-1´ was played on the tv. Yawn. Our headphones didn't work so we went to sleep.

And now we're in the hostel, waiting in excitement for the trip to the waterfalls tomorrow!!!!!!!!


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