Falling Head Over Heels For Iguazu

Published: July 21st 2014
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After a series of cities and concrete jungles it was a welcome relief to discover some wilderness in the more rural destination of Iguazu (the Argentinian side). The Brandon-four stumbled off the bus after another disturbed sleep and some very questionable bus-food (which still today haunts the Welshman´s dreams) and teamed up with support act Scotty in their welcoming hostel, equip with a pool and ping-pong table - game on.

An enthralling evening of mediocre table tennis precluded a healthy slumber - much needed, for unknown to the boys was the visual assault about to take place on their retinas. A short bus ride (anything less than 2 hours was considered short by now) and the Brandon Four +1 were dropped at Iguazu National Park. A seemingly unfair entry fee was paid for being gringo, and they were in. Some larking, wandering & dawdling occurred (plus a weird badger-type animal stealing TRs empanada- hilarious) and then... the meandering path opened out to reveal a stretch of rushing river being crushed under a huge torrent of water. A faint rainbow arced off to the right and the watery mist maintained the mystery of what would be seen as the boys approached the huge waterfall.

Quick as a flash the cameras were out and the boyband photo-shoot began, though for once the Brandon Boys were eclipsed by the magnificence of the scenery engulfing them. The path they were tracking bent right with the rainbow to reveal another earth-shattering waterfall, presumably connected behind the visible (but out-of-bounds) island in the water. Breath-taking. The light bounced off the storming water to produce a glorious rainbow stretching in front of the gigantic waterfall(s), the symphony of crashing water pounded the ear-drums and the river spray moistened the brows of the boys as they gazed, transfixed, at the beauty and enormity of Iguazu Falls. ´The Lonely Planet´ can only prepare you for so much (mainly to be extremely scared of every place you go to) and here is where it fell particularly short of an impossible task. This was only the beginning though, for after filling up on the sensual delights around them, what more would you expect from 5 well-bread graduates? A boat ride. Into the Falls? That´s right. But they´ll get soaked!? Yes they ******* did! But damn it was worth it. [Upon the return of the Brandon Boys a video is due to be released of this monumental feat, though extremely censored].

The B-Boys clambered back onto land with nothing more than their newly formed webbed feet and a cold, but still in awe at having Iguazu Falls rain down on them and truly witnessing how monumental the Falls are. Their sense of achievement and wonder escalated as they moved on to the second path in the park, which climbed above the Falls. They were barely dry (or not at all) as they reached the summit but forgot all state of being as they gazed over the landscape. Silence. The feeding river could be seen melting into froth as the water fired over the precipice and smashed into the raging pool below. Forest surrounded the river in all directions and the rainbow still glowed in the watery mist. A sight that will never be forgotten.

Iguazu had delivered and the Brandon Boys +1 squelched merrily onto the bus home to prepare for their departure the following day. Brazil was on the horizon and some much needed relaxation after weeks of pushing on and bus-sleeping; Florianopolis was the destination selected for such a requirement. But for that night, Iguazu Falls still burned brightly in the minds of young travelers as they climbed wearily to their beds. Silence.

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